4 Tips For Petting Your Cat

It may sound simple and you might be thinking, “what? I know how to pet a cat.” Cats and dogs alike interpret our actions differently than we do. For example, have you ever been tying your shoes and your cat tries to catch the laces? Or have you ever swung your arm up and away […]

What does THAT mean? Pet Body Language Explained

When I worked at an animal shelter I learned a few things about dogs and cats that I never knew. Or maybe I did know but didn’t take these facts into consideration until I met dogs who were terrified of being in the shelter and cats who did not like being in a cage. Most […]

GYAH! My Cats Lick My Head Everyday!

Every morning it starts out the same: I wake up to my head being licked. Sounds gross? It can be. Cats have rough tongues and when it touches my forehead I pull the blanket up over my head. Then the pawing and dancing around on the bed starts. At first it’s just walking around with […]