Cat Profile: Havana Brown

The havana brown as we see them today, is a cat breed that was developed by breeding black domestic cats that had recessive brown genes with a seal point or chocolate siamese cat. The solid color chocolate cat originated in England in the early 1950s and may have come from Thailand (then Siam) in the […]

Ocicats: Wild Look, Mushy Personality

Last month we talked about Bengal cats and their unique traits. There are many other exotic and uncommon cat breeds out there, such as, the Ocicat. Ocicats have very long, thin bodies and patterns that mimic ocelots. However, they are not a mix between an Ocelot and a domestic cat. In fact, the Ocicat was […]

Bengal Cats: Not Your Average Cat

There are some cat breeds that most of us have never heard of nor seen. Have you ever heard of the Egyptian Mau? What about the Ocicat? Have you ever touched the fur of a Rex? What about the Bengal cat? There are many exotic and unique looking cat breeds out there. Out of the […]

Upcoming Cat Shows in the South


There are many fun cat shows coming up in the South this month. Some of them are open to the public! Check with the individual shows’ websites on show rules and prices for entering your cat. Cotton States Cat Club Championship Show Gwinnett Center Duluth, Georgia November 7 This show will take place from 9:00 […]