10 Spots Cats Hide In Your House

It still is winter for many of us and our cats have a knack for finding the warmest spots to sleep. It could be under the covers on your bed, or right in front of the heater. But there are also places your cat may go that can be dangerous to them.

Here are 10 spots your cat may hide that may not be safe for him:

1: Reclining chair – All that padding and boxed-in square underneath the seat is a perfect insulator for your cat. Check where your cat is before sitting down and relaxing.

2: Dishwasher – Yes, it’s often damp inside the dishwasher but cats are curious creatures and dishwashers can be warm after a cycle. Check the washer before closing the door.

3: Washers and Dryers – Cats are notorious for climbing into these machines and taking a nap, especially if there’s some warm clothes in the dryer for him to snuggle into. Always
close the doors to the washer and dryer and check the machines before starting them.

4: Cardboard boxes – Boxes are a source of play and fun. Check them before recycling them.

5: Luggage – No cat really wants to be trapped in a bag for several hours and you don’t want cat hair all over your clothes. Keep the bags closed, in a closet, and check them while packing to make sure there are no stow-aways.

6: Toy chests – Before closing the toy chest or putting the toys back, make sure your cat isn’t napping in there.

7: Guitar cases – My cats love to crawl into the cases. Keep them closed, zipped, and you’ll save your instruments from cat hair as well as your cat from an unwanted trip to a gig.

8: Cabinets – Some cats climb all over the place and sit on the top of kitchen cabinets. Others will crawl into the ones that open and end up napping under the sink. Check all the cabinets before closing the doors to make sure your cat isn’t in there and near any toxic chemicals.

9: Dresser draws – Keep your dresser drawers closed to keep kitty hair out and the kitty too.

10: Gym bags – Kitty doesn’t need to pump iron. Before zipping up the bag, make sure you’re not taking your cat with you.