10 Tips to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

If you have a curious kitty and a Christmas tree, you know there is a chance that you’ll find your ornaments on the floor, gifts with little claw marks on them, and a cat perched in your tree peeking out at you. Here are 10 tips to try and save your sanity this holiday season: […]

Keep Pets Safe Around Holiday Decorations

The holidays are here and this means lights, decorations, candles, trees, and many other festive items that make our homes a little brighter, warmer, and fun. It also means our pets are exposed to items that could be harmful to them. Holiday decorations come in many sizes, forms, and materials. The candles in our menorahs […]

ZAP! Don’t Chew On That – Cats and Cords


It seems out of boredom my cats find a way to amuse themselves and drive me nuts. They will start chewing on things that they shouldn’t like the plastic garbage bag, my shoelaces, or start batting the cords behind the tv or computer. Whenever they do these things, I notice they are looking right at […]

10 Spots Cats Hide In Your House

It still is winter for many of us and our cats have a knack for finding the warmest spots to sleep. It could be under the covers on your bed, or right in front of the heater. But there are also places your cat may go that can be dangerous to them. Here are 10 […]

Top 5 Poisons Cats Ingest

There are approximately 94 million cats who allow humans to live with them in the U.S. Unfortunately, sometimes cats end up getting into things that we have in the house to keep the house clean, keep ourselves healthy, and decorate. According to a report released by the Pet Poison Hotline, 9% of the calls were […]

Catios: A Cat Friendly Patio

Recently, the New York Times ran an article about New Yorkers who have turned part or all of their patios into a safe, fun, and secure outdoor space for their cats. There are a ton of reasons why cats shouldn’t be totally free to roam neighborhoods from eating something that is harmful to catching and […]

More Pet Safety Tips


Cats and dogs tend to explore things with their mouths. Therefore as pet owners, we need to ensure that what they are putting in their mouths is safe. Many common household items can be dangerous and even lethal to our pets.