Boy and Girl Scouts Can Earn Pet Care Badges

As pet owners and parents, it’s important that we teach children that pets are family members. While it is unreal to expect kids to be completely responsible for a pet’s well-being and care, it is possible to teach them what it means to be a good pet owner, how to humanely treat animals, and how […]

Living With a Pet May Help Prevent Allergies

Having a pet in the house during childhood may help your child fight off allergies rather than contribute to them. A recent study conducted from the Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan and published in the journal Clinical And Experimental Allergy found that children living with an animal, especially during their first year, in the same […]

Kids and Pets: Safety Tips

Your kids and pets are probably great friends and play together a lot. Your cat or dog probably tolerates tugs and squishy hugs from your child more than having their ears and heart checked by the vet. But no matter how well they get along, there is always the chance someone could get hurt accidentally. […]

Small Pets for Kids

If your house has been pet-free for a few years due to the loss of a pet or the arrival of a baby, it probably has felt empty or different. Lots of children start asking for pets because most of their storybooks are about animals, they see friends with dogs and cats, and you may […]