NYC: Are You Ready For a Dog Cafe?

Dog cafes can be found in other countries. People go and buy coffee and can go into a partitioned part of a cafe to play and pet dogs. Just like the cat cafes we’ve seen popping up in some cities. A team has recently started a campaign to raise money to open a dog cafe in NYC. At the time of this article, the fund raising efforts were still under way.

According to the team, after a trip to Puerto Rico, the idea of a dog cafe was started after spending days running to stray dogs and wanting to find a way to help dogs who need forever homes. They also visited dog cafes in South Korea and know how it feels to be able to pet a dog after a long day at work.

The dream of a dog cafe in NYC is two-fold: 1: fun for the people who love dogs and may not have one because of apartment size, lifestyle, or maybe do have a dog but want to play with other dogs too and 2: help shelter dogs get more exposure to the general public and find forever homes.

The funding ended on February 21, 2015. They didn’t hit their projected amount of $70,000 but they are still working to raise money to move onto the next steps of leasing space, renovating, and opening a great space for dogs and people alike. To learn more about the Dog Cafe team, check out their page.

It would be awesome to see this dream become a reality!

Milo’s Cafe: A New Dog Friendly Cafe in Lake Forest, CA

Milo’s Cafe opened earlier this month and had a ribbon cutting ceremony last weekend. Many people were on hand to celebrate the cafe’s opening along with their dogs. The restaurant is determined to always serve healthy meals and be a place where dogs are welcome to hang out with their owners either leashed to the tables or unleashed in the playpens.

Many dog friendly restaurants and bars allow dogs to hang out on the patio areas of their restaurants but not many of them have fenced or walled-in play areas where your dog can go romp and make friends while you grab some food and hang out with a few friends. When visiting Milo’s Cafe, you can order coffee and a snack at the front counter or be seated in the dining areas. The restaurant is named after the owner’s dog, Milo.

The cafe is decorated with art such as a Warhol-like picture of dogs, has flat screen tvs, and a bar that is shaped like a dog bone. There are also photos of Milo and his brother Jake. Scott Sellman, the owner of the cafe, wanted to create a pet friendly environment for people to dine and also give back to the community by being able to host charitable events for pet rescue organizations, groomers, trainers, and other pet related businesses.

The cafe is open from 8am to 10pm everyday and accepts major credit cards, is handicap accessible, and has a great menu that includes vegetarian meals, organic salads, and great tasting burgers.

Great Pet Stores in Miami, Florida

Miami is a hotspot for visitors from everywhere. People flock here from all around for the beautiful beaches, great food and exquisite shopping. The pet stores in Miami offer an infinite amount of pet products and activities, from luxury products to bird cages to gourmet food to grooming to professional photography.

Dog Bar

The Dog Bar is a superb luxury pets store that has been open since 1996. There are two locations in Miami’s hottest shopping areas, Lincoln Road and the Miracle Mile. It is open seven days a week until late hours, and offers top of the line, beautiful pet products. Dog Bar is dedicated to the well-being of dogs and cats all over, and seeks to educate the public about feeding their pets the proper foods. They sell products like scented spritzes and biodegradable puppy training pads.

Atlantis Pet Shop

This shop will be hosting a grand reopening sale on September 26 and 27!

This store opened in 2000, and sells an assortment of exotic animals like birds, fish, sugar gliders, bunnies and reptiles. They also stock wonderful pet toys, food and treats. They are located in the heart of Miami Beach.

Simbad’s Birds and Pets

This shop is committed to serving the best bird playgyms, grooming and health products, cages and other bird products. They also ship throughout the nation (free for over $250!)

South Beach Pet Shop

This shop has been around for fourteen years, and also sells microchipped puppies and does grooming. They have professional dog grooming and luxury boarding as well.

My Cute Puppies

poodThis store sells breeds of puppies, but also offers a variety of nice dog products, such as leashes, shampoo, beds, food, brushes, sweaters and chew toys. It is located around Olympia Heights.

Dog Bag Cafe

This shop and cafe offers a bunch of great things for dogs. Every Saturday morning, they host a “Doggie Brunch,” where your dog can socialize with other dogs, and you can drink coffee and socialize with other dog people! They have a very stocked menu of organic, preservative-free dog food that includes chicken and rice dinners, sirloin and pasta dinners, birthday cakes and even alcohol-free dog beer or wine (seriously). Prices are a bit high for this selection.

Doggy Studio and Boutique

This studio offers professional pet photography by Shelley Guberek, who has appeared in Dog Fancy magazine. She takes many wonderful, well-let and well-exposed dog photos, usually against white or black backgrounds. There is also a store that offers stylish leashes and dog bowls.