It Flies! Sugar Gliders

What Are They? Sugar Gliders are small nocturnal marsupials, which means they start out as young living in a pouch. They resemble chipmunks or squirrels and have a small fold of skin that connects their front and back legs. This fold stretches out when they are jumping or falling to help them glide to their […]

Pet Stores in the Buffalo, New York Region


There are many great locally owned pet stores around Buffalo, New York. If you’re going on a vacation in Niagara Falls, make sure to stop by Buffalo to do some pet shopping. There is anything from puppy pizza to corals for sale. Animal Outfitters, Inc Buffalo, New York This store has recently started delivering puppy […]

Great Pet Stores in Austin, Texas


Austin is probably the coolest city in Texas, which is why it has some of the best pet shopping in the state! Many of these stores have a hefty history of serving the community for decades, and others offer a selection of locally made products. Lofty Dog This store is well-stocked and fun to look […]