Fall Weather Rain Gear For Dogs

The weather is cooling down and if you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you know that the rain is here. Walking your dog in the rain isn’t always pleasant, especially when you come back home and have to dry your dog off or have that “wet dog” smell for a few hours afterwards. Your dog could use a raincoat and some other protection from the rain.

Here are 5 Essential Rain Gear Items for Dogs

Musher’s Secret
Walking on cold pavement can dry out paws. Protect them with this moisturizer formulated especially for dog peas. It dries in seconds and creates a layer of protection from sand, ice, and everything in between. Musher’s secret contains Vitamin E to keep paws healthy and help heal any abrasions your dog might have.
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Disposable Waterproof Dog Boots
Maybe your dog doesn’t mind boots on her feet. If so, these booties are great to protect her paws from debris, cold wet pavement, chemicals, and ice. The boots are 100% biodegradable and can be reused many times before you move onto a fresh set of boots.
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Guardian Gear Rain Coat
Waterproof and fashionable, this little raincoat will keep your dog dry when it’s pouring outside. The coat is made from vinyl and has a reflective safety stripe for those night walks. There’s a drawstring hood, a leash opening on the back by the neck, and a pocket where you can stash a few doggie bags.
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West Coast Rain Wear
This coat is fleece lined for comfort and warmth. It is water repellant and has a reflective safety stripe. The coat doesn’t ride up or slide around on your dog’s body and is machine washable.
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Rivers West Hawkeye H2P Safety Rain Coat
Safety green rain coat for your dog will keep her dry and visible to cars when you two go out for night walks. It has reflective strips on the sides and micro fleece on the inside for comfort. There is enough room at the next for the leash and collar to move without being caught under the coat. The coat also has a D-ring so if you use a harness, you can connect the coat to the leash as well.
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7 Best (and Comfy) Cat Beds

Holidays are fast approaching. Wondering what to get that cat lover in your life? Or what to get your own cat? How about a new bed?

Here are Our Favorite 7 Best, Comfy Cat Beds

Ultra Soft Pet Bed By Trendy Pet

This soft bed comes in a variety of patterns and measures 20in by 28in by 10in. It’s machine washable and pretty enough that it’ll go with the rest of your decor in the living room.

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Faux Leather Cat Bed

I imagine on a chilly winter night, this bed would be perfect to curl into. The faux leather lined and fluffy pillow will keep your pet cozy and warm. The bed is washable and comes into several sizes for your cat (or dog).

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PAW Enclosed Cube Pet Bed

If your cat is like mine, s/he may love enclosed spaces. The cube bed is perfect. It’s soft, machine washable, and gives your cat the privacy s/he wants. There is a removable reversible insert pillow keeps your pet cozy with plush microfiber or flocked fabric. This is the perfect bed for those cats who are a little shy and like to “hide” and nap when you have friends over.

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Kojima Animal Beds

The bee is the best in my opinion. These beds look like fuzzy tents and measure 15in by 14 in by 14in giving your pet plenty of room to stretch out and snooze. The different animals are for your amusement.

If you buy this bed for your cat or dog, please send us a pic. It would be ADORABLE!

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Duck Pet Bed

This is another cute bed for your cat to snooze in and dream of chasing flies and mice. It’s got a no-skid bottom to keep it in place on your hardwood floor and it’s machine washable. There are 3 different sizes too in case your cat is a little on the “big” side.

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Thermo Kitty Heated Bed

I want this! It’s a heated pillow. If your cat is older, a heated bed is great for his/her joints and your cat will love you for it! The removable cover can be washed and the fleece lining is super comfy for your cat.

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Snuggle Cave

Soft, warm, and great for cats who like enclosed spaces. If your cat likes to sit in paper bags, crawls under the bed sheets, or snuggles in tight spaces, s/he will love this bed. It’s machine washable and measures 23in by 21in.

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Chicks and Ducks As Presents Are Not A Good Idea

Rabbits tend to be Easter pet presents but the care, money and time needed to take care of them can become more of a hindrance than a present if you are not 100% prepared to own one. There are many reasons not to get a rabbit as a present.

Chickens and baby ducks also tend to be given as gifts to children on Easter and as springtime birthday presents, but before you go to your garden supply shop, there are many considerations to be aware of in the care of these pets.

6 Reasons Chicks and Ducks Should Not Be Easter Presents

  1. You will be taking care of them, not your kids. Like many pet presents, once the fun and newness wears off the care and responsibility tend to fall on the shoulders of the parents. If you aren’t willing to clean up after the chickens and ducks, pay for food, care, and other supplies, and see if you need a permit from your county, then avoid these fellas as presents.
  2. Chickens and ducks are not solitary and prefer company, some places only sell them in pairs. They get very stressed out and lonely and can become troublesome or loud without a friend.
  3. They need warm, dry places to sleep that are also safe from predators such as raccoons, opossums, and cats. A heat lamp, bedding that is changed weekly or more, and close monitoring is necessary to make sure they thrive.
  4. Chickens and ducks can carry some bacteria but it’s more likely they can get sick from us. They can contract E. coli from humans and pass that on. Handwashing would need to become a must after handling them.
  5. Because of their physical build, walkways, ramps, and other structures that lead up to their sleeping and living area should have traction. A rubber mat works well to prevent them from slipping and breaking one of their soft bones.
  6. Also keep in mind, chickens and ducks can grow to be quite large, can escape a fenced yard, and may be a nuisance to your neighbors. Instead of getting your children a pet for Easter, how about some more candy and maybe a trip to the petting zoo?

    Image from DailyMailOnline

Great Gifts For The Traveling Pet Lover

Holidays are coming and as much as we love shopping for friends and loved ones, sometimes it’s so hard to find something they will really like and use. If you have a friend or relative who takes their pet on vacation, having items for their pets that are portable, durable, and easy to pack up is very important.

Have a friend who loves to take their pet on adventures? Check out these great gifts!

Pet Gear for Cars

Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat

For cats and smaller dogs, this Pet Car Seat will keep them safe and secure while you drive, not to mention keeping them out of your lap.
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Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Pets

This Pet Car Hammock is especially handy if your road trip will include any stops at lakes, rivers, or the ocean – or if you might encounter rain along the way. It’s much easier to remove and wash this sturdy hammock than it is to get your car’s upholstery cleaned!
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Bergan Pet Travel Barrier

Keep Fido in the back seat – for his safety and your comfort – with this Pet Travel Barrier. It’s easily removable for those times when you don’t mind doggy breath on your face as you drive.
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The AAA Petbook

The folks at AAA know a thing or two about road trips – and that includes road trips with your pet. The book “Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA Petbook” is updated every year to include more than 14,000 pet-friendly hotels, campgrounds, attractions, parks, and even animal clinics around the United States, along with tips about making sure your pet is ready for a trip either in the car or on a plane. It’s a handy resource to bring with you when you aren’t sure whether you’ll have internet access along the way.
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Pet Travel Gift Basket

Le Bone Appetit has put together the essentials for any dog hitting the road. Healthy snacks, doggie bags, and a travel bowl are just some of the items in the gift basket. You can also add more items or create your own gift baskets.

Pet Gear for Planes

Petmate Airline Travel Kit

This Airline Travel Kit for Pets includes the “Live Animal” sticker you’ll need to put on your pet’s carrier, an absorbent pad to give the carrier a quick clean on layovers, and a couple of small dishes to hang from a carrier’s cage to give your pet easy access to food and water when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare.
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Bergan Disposable Pet Pads

These Disposable Pet Pads will help keep your pet more comfortable if he or she has an “accident” mid-flight, and they make cleaning out the carrier on layovers much quicker, too. There’s an adhesive strip to keep the pad in place in the bottom of the carrier.
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Argo Airline Approved Pet Carrier

This chic Pet Carrier is perfect for cats and small dogs who will spend the flight under the seat in front of you. Always make sure you check with your airline’s pet carrier requirements before purchasing a carrier for your flight.
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Sherpa Sport Duffle Airline Approved Pet Carrier

This Pet Carrier is another that will work for cats and small dogs that you intend to bring on board the plane and stow under the seat in front of you. Always make sure you check with your airline’s pet carrier requirements before purchasing a carrier for your flight.
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Rolling Convertible Pet Carrier

If you plan to bring your cat or small dog on the plane with you but you’d rather not haul the bag around on your tired shoulder all day, then this Rolling Convertible Pet Carrier may be ideal – you can roll it or carry it like a backpack. Always make sure you check with your airline’s pet carrier requirements before purchasing a carrier for your flight.
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Pet Food Travel Containers


This Travel-tainer by Vittles Vault makes it easy to keep a supply of kibble plus two bowls – one for food and one for water – handy at all times. It works for long car trips when the bulk of the pet food is packed away, or for plane trips so you can offer food and water on layovers.
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Heninger PortablePET WaterBoy

Always have a handy water supply for your pet – and a built-in bowl from which to drink it – with this PortablePET WaterBoy. It holds up to three quarts of water, has a carrying handle, and a water bowl built right in.
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Bamboo Silicone Pop-Up Travel Bowl

Pressed for space? These Pop-Up Travel Bowls collapse to be stored flat when not in use, and are available in 1-cup or 3-cup sizes.
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Zen Bed Roll and Bowls

Camping? Bringing along a canine buddy? Then this roll up bed and portable bowl set from PetZen is perfect. The bed is washable and the bowls are leal-proof. It even comes with an adjustable carry strap.
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Portable Travel Pet Beds

Animal Planet’s Fold And Go Portable Pet House

Made from soft foam, with fasteners for quick assembly, this portable dog house is great when going on a trip. Keeps pets warm and comfortable and folds flat for easy storage.
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Eco+ Buttercup Bed

This is the perfect bed for the green living friend and their pet. It’s a polar-fleece bed that is not only cozy but made from post-consumer plastic bottles. It’s also soft, warm, and easy to toss into the car when packing for a vacation. The drawstrings pull up the sides to create a nice little cozy bed.
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Canine Hardware Travel Dog Bed

This cozy Travel Dog Bed squishes down to almost nothing for packing, but is fluffy and comfy for your pet when you need it to be.
>> Buy it on Amazon

K&H Travel/SUV Pet Bed

Do you want to let your pet ride in comfort and style in the back of your SUV? Then this SUV Pet Bed is for you.
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Folding Travel Dog Bed

Zipped up, this Folding Travel Dog Bed looks like just another bag. Unzipped, it’s a comfy bed for your pooch.
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Bike Accessories for Pets

Snoozer Sporty Pet Bike Basket

This Sporty Pet Bike Basket comes equipped with storage pockets for things like leashes, treats, and clean-up baggies, and it folds flat for easy storage.
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DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

If Fido can’t keep up with you while you’re biking, you can still bring him along with this Mini Dog Bike Trailer.
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3-in-1 Bike Basket

In Style Dog knows that pet owners and their dogs love to be active. For smaller dogs who may not be able to keep up with their owners, there’s a bike basket for them to sit in while their owner rides for miles and miles. Fleece padding, meshed pouches, and zippered pockets make this the perfect seat for their canine companion.

Best Gifts for Pets (and the People Who Love Them)

Looking for great gift ideas for pets and the humans who love them? Here are our recommendations for excellent pet gift ideas.

photo by MARCZERO1980

12 Great Gift Ideas for Cats

The holidays are the ideal time to splurge a little on loved ones – and for those of us whose households include cats, that means finding gifts for them, too. We all know how finicky cats can be, so picking the perfect toy or treat may not be easy – but with this selection of gift ideas for cats you’re sure to find one that’ll suit your feline friend.

>> And don’t miss these excellent gifts for people who love to travel with their pets!

Fantastic Gifts for Cats

Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box

This is a great toy for cats. Hide toys, catnip, anything in there and watch your fuzzy friend jab and smack through the holes as he tries to fish them out. 
>> Buy it on Amazon

Cat Dancer
My cats have this toy and they LOVE IT! It’s a simple cardboard rolled up piece on the end of a wire that’s similar to a hanger. It swings, waves, and simulates the way a fly moves around. It’s a great deal of fun for your cats and easy to engage your cat for a good 15 min of play.
>>Buy it on Cat Dancer

Petmate Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy
Fun interactive toy with a ball enclosed in the plastic ring. Openings on the side allow your cat to paw the ball around.
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PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge
This is a 2 in 1 toy, a scratcher and a lounger. Your cat can tear at the cardboard and then take a nap without moving an inch.
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Peek-A-Prize Balls
These balls are great to use with the Peek-A-Prize Pet Toy Box or alone to roll around the house. Your cats will chase and bat them around the house.
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Mylar Balls Cat Toys, 4-Pack
I’ve been buying these toys for the 16 years that I’ve had my two cats. They love them. Light and easy to bat around the house and yet made of mylar so they make a crinkly noise that keeps the cats stimulated.
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KONG Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy
Refillable plush toy that will last for years. Pop some catnip inside and watch your cat go nuts.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Foam Soccer Cat Balls
Light weight and silent when being tossed around the house, these are great and last for a while. They are also bouncy so you can also throw off the wall and watch your cat jump to try and catch them!
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Multi-Level Cat Climber
Don’t have too much room in your apartment but your cat keeps jumping on your furniture? Then check out this multi-level climber that hangs off the back of a door. It’s stable, has sisal posts for scratching, and fits on most doors.
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KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toy
I have one of these for my guys and it’s a great toy for when you are too tired to move but your cats are ready to play. It’s like “fishing” in your living room. Your cats will chase and try to hold and bite onto the end and if your cat is like mine, pull the rod right out of your hand and run away with it!
>>Buy it on Amazon

Lounge-shaped Cardboard Scratcher
This cardboard scratcher is designed to allow cats to stretch and flex as they scratch as well as nap if they want to afterwards. It’s a fun tiger print on the sides. Scratchers are great toys for maintaining claws, exercise, and training devices to help cats learn to scratch appropriate toys and not your furniture.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Angry Birds Birds Gone Crazy
Did those pigs and birds drive you crazy? Well, let your cat get revenge for you as he bats them all around the house. These plastic balls are designed to look just like the characters from that addictive game. Perfect for indoor play and they don’t mock you.
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What treats or toys are you getting your cat this holiday season?

11 Great Gift Ideas for Dogs

It might be relatively easy to talk yourself out of buying yet another chew toy for your dog most of the year, but when the holidays roll around it’s pretty hard to resist. Why not give your pooch something to “unwrap” when the rest of the family is opening gifts? In some cases, these great gift ideas for dogs are as much a gift for you as they are for Fido.

>> And don’t miss these great gift ideas for people who love to travel with their pets!

Pampered Dog Gift Basket
Best friends deserve the best gifts. The snacks in this basket include a doggie croissant, doughnuts, beef jerky, biscuits, and so much more.
>>Buy it on Amazon

4 Plush Rope Toys with Squeakers
Cute plush animals that your dog will love! Play a game of tug, toss it in the yard, and watch your pup run around while trying to find the squeaker in the plush heads. Remember though, always supervise your pet with toys like this as they may accidentally eat or swallow pieces.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Zippypaws Burrow Squeaky Plush Toy
Choose from chickens, hedgehogs, or mice in cheese. These cute plush toys are great for stimulating your dog’s desire to hunt and seek. Hide the little critters in their homes and watch your pup paw and stick their noses in the holes as they pull out the little plush animals.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Kong Squiggles Dog Toy
Multi-use toy that you can shake, stretch, and squeak. These come in 4 colorful, cute characters with speakers in both ends.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Kong Extreme
I’ve had dogs that have loved this toy. The extreme black one is the toughest one around. Stuff it with snacks, peanut butter, and even dinner! Using a Kong toy will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles and help keep them from chewing up your furniture.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Loofa Dog Plush Dog Toy
This stuffed toy is a big hit with the canine population.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Kong 3-Pack Sport Balls
Time for fetch with your athlete! Extra bouncy and great for smaller dogs. Play soccer, baseball, basketball, or pool.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Jolly Ball
The Jolly ball is a toy that all animals love. Next time you go to the zoo, look at the toys the animals are playing with, chances are the polar bears have a jolly ball. The plastic ball has a smaller ball in it, and multiple size holes for your dog to bite and carry the ball around. It’s tough, rugged, and great for outdoor play.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Fashionable Suede Dog Coat
Winter is here, buy your dog a top-notch coat for those chilly walks around town. Sherpa lined with with faux suede will keep your dog stylish and warm.
>>Buy it on Amazon

Whistler Balls
Have a dog that can’t stop playing fetch? Buy these whistler balls for hours of play with the Chuckit launcher.
>>Buy it on Amazon

10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Pet on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day has its roots in Christianity, back to St. Valentine who wrote, “From your Valentine” before he was executed. Today, Valentine’s Day is not only a religious holiday but it is also one where many of us show how much we appreciate our partners, those we have been dating for a little bit, and anyone else that is special to us. We exchange cards, candy, go to the movies, and anything else that expresses our gratitude and love.

What about our pets? They are special to us, we love them, they love us, and they could use a little extra TLC too. And come on, we all know that sometimes our pets are better than the person we’re dating because they don’t mind if we forgot to take out the garbage, leave our socks on the floor, or snore in bed. They don’t care if the sink is filled with dishes or if we smoke or drink too much with our buddies. All they care about is that we are kind to them, love them, and create a loving and safe environment for them.

It’s time to show your pets that you love them this Valentine’s Day.

10 Ways to Show “I Love You” To Your Pet

Spa Treatment

Take your pup to the groomer for a full makeover. Nail trim, oatmeal bath, trim, and brush out are a great way to show your dog that you care. Their skin and fur will thank you for it. Cold, dry weather can dry out their skin and dead fur can be tangled into their coats. A spa day will make them feel brand new. For your cat, a nail trim, a good brushing, and cleaning the ears with some catnip and yummy treats afterwards will show you care. We can’t guarantee they will like the treatment at the time, but they will be happy afterwards.
Image from Sandra Espinet

Walk and Talk

Yeah, that’s right. That’s what dogs want, plain and simple. A long walk after breakfast or before dinner with ample time to sniff and check out every shrubbery, tree, and fire hydrant and maybe, just maybe, chase a squirrel up a tree will make your dog feel like the only dog in the world.
Image from Jackie Notman


The Kardashians really like bling, your pets will too. Now, I’m not saying your pets are like the Kardashians. I’m just saying, ummm, well, uh…nevermind.

Your pets could use a new leash, new collar, or even a new fancy dish to eat out of. How about a fancy water dish with their name on it or a leather collar that looks stunning with their fur? There are plenty of accessories for your pets from little trinkets to outstanding jackets and shoes. Indulge a little. Show the world your pet is worth it!
Image from Pampered Whiskers


Dogs just want to hang with you, right? They want to know they are appreciated. So take the extra step this Valentine’s Day and spend some quality time together. A walk and game of fetch, or jog through the park will increase the bond already present. Small pets and cats may enjoy just being held or petted, playing with a toy, or talked to. Now, we know you already do these things but do it longer on Valentine’s Day. Give them some extra attention!
Image from Pet Plan

Clean Up

Be a servant to your pet. Clean up their litter box, vacuum their bedding and wash it, scrub their food and water bowls, and clean the dried goopy peanut butter out of that Kong. Pets may not like being bathed but they do appreciate their things being cleaned. It also helps remove odors from the home. When you’re done your pet may thank you for it by coming over and giving you a head butt or face lick.
Image from The Family Handyman

Dress Up!

If your dog wears sweaters or a raincoat when going out during the winter months, it could be a great time to buy a new one for her/him. You could also get yourself a matching sweater. Then no one will mistake that you are owned by your pet. I used to hang out with a girl who had a dog that loved putting on his argyle sweater vest every morning. It was very cute. I’m not sure if she had a matching vest.
Image from Amazon

Angels on a Leash

Your heart will swell noticeably. Check it out and donate! Your heart will swell 3 times its current size. We promise. They are an organization of wonderful therapy dogs that visit people who need a little wet nose and wagging tail in their life as they heal.

It’s a great organization and maybe your perfect pup could become a therapy dog or you can donate and help Angels on a Leash continue bring love to those who need it.
Image from Angels On A Leash

Foster or Adopt?

What would Valentine’s Day be without a true act of kindness or love? Just another cold day in winter is our guess. Check out http://www.aspca.org/aspca-nyc/adoptable-dogs/ to see other cool animals just waiting for their Valentine. Get to it! Your dog might make a new best friend or end up with a new sibling…
Image from Humane Society of Morgan County

A Dog Love Doll

Anti-Warm and Fuzzy. This is really a love doll for your dog. I don’t know how it works. I don’t know if there’s a spray on scent or not. I… I… here’s a link. And no, I don’t know what the “cone” part is for…
Image from Squidoo

Just Give’em What They Really Want

Ferrets, Hamsters, Rats, Rabbits – often want puzzles, mind exercises… a new maze made from cardboard boxes, a paper towel tube to crawl into or chew on, and maybe a some yummy treats hidden here and there.

Cats: Give’em a bird, err, we mean give them catnip.

Dogs: How about a cooked up meal of vegetables and brown rice mixed with salmon? Or maybe some fresh from the deli cheese? Your dog might even like to lick the peanut butter jar. Give ’em what they really want, food and more food.
Image from Custom Rubber Corp

In all reality, a lot of pets would probably love for us to not date anyone else so they could have us all to themselves and home all the time.

What does your pet really love?

11 Clever Cat Litter Boxes

One of the “meh” things about having a cat is the litter box. Cleaning it is one thing, but where to put it is another. Some friends of mine keep their cat’s litter box in the bathroom, in the basement with a cat door, or in the room by the backdoor. I keep it in the bathroom in the bathtub and move it out into the hallway every morning when I get ready. It is something I’ve always done, plus it reminds me to clean the box. Wherever you may keep the litter box, it seems two things are important with placement:

  • Can your cat easily access the litter box?
  • Do you remember to clean it regularly?

There are some pretty cleverly-designed litter boxes for us cat owners if we don’t like the boring old plastic box or need something a little more fancy for those of us who keep the litter box in a room where it can be seen, including some that take almost all the work out of cat box duty.

Here are 11 litter boxes that are high-tech, well-designed, and some of which are – yes – actually pretty.

Littermaid Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

We probably all remember the first time we saw a commercial for the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box – it seemed like a dream come true, right? Now there are a few other self-cleaning litter box brands on the market, but Littermaid remains one of the most familiar. The mechanized litter box senses when your cat has left the box after doing its business and then rakes through the litter to collect the waste, which it deposits in a container at one end of the box. When the container is full, you replace it with a new one. This “Mega” box is even designed for multi-cat households.

Buy it on Amazon

Litter Robot II Bubble Unit – Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

Another newer option in the self-cleaning litter box category is the Litter Robot Bubble Unit. It comes in a couple colors, but the black version reminds us a bit of the “Death Star” from Star Wars, which we think is kind of funny. At any rate, no matter what color you choose, the Litter Robot works the same way – it senses when your cat has left the litter box, and then the top part (the “bubble”) begins to turn slowly, depositing the collected waste into the bottom part of the unit through a door that opens as the unit is turning. This quick removal of waste plus the Little Robot’s carbon filter help keep litter box odors at bay.

Buy it on Amazon

Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box

For a mechanized self-cleaning litter box that won’t break the bank, you might consider the Scoop Free model. Designed by cat lovers at MIT, the Scoop Free litter box works essentially like other similar models in that it senses when the cat leaves the box and then automatically rakes through to collect the waste several minutes later. One major difference with the Scoop Free litter box is the tray is disposable, so rather than refilling an existing tray over and over you simply remove the old one and replace it with a fresh one (the manufacturers say you can do this once a month or so, depending on how many cats you have). They also recommend using special blue crystals for litter to help eliminate odors.

Buy it on Amazon

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box cleans in just seconds without scooping – but this time you’re doing the rolling, rather than the litter box being mechanical in any way. Inside the litter box a grating separates the tray where the cat goes from the area where waste collects when you tilt the box. It’s not mechanized, so it’s a less expensive option, but it also doesn’t remove waste soon after your cat uses the litter box – so it may not help with odor issues any more than a normal box.

Buy it on Amazon

Pet Studio Litter Box Cat Cabinet

If you’re looking for a way to camouflage a normal cat litter box so it just blends in with its surroundings, then hiding it in a piece of furniture is a good option. This Pet Studio Litter Box Cabinet conceals a regular litter box tray behind closed doors, with a side opening where kitty can go in and out. There’s also a drawer where you can store your cat’s litter box items or other pet-related things.

Buy it on Amazon

Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider

Is your home decor and fashion sense a little more on the modern side? Then this Modern Cat Designs litter box cabinet might catch your eye. You’ll need to get a litter tray for the bottom – this is only the decorative container to hide it – but as long as you can’t see the utilitarian plastic tray inside that’s the main thing.

Buy it on Amazon

Modkat Litter Box

Another option for the forward-design-conscious is this Modkat Litter Box. It’s got a sleek modern design, comes in several colors, and is a top-entry style litter box (which can help reduce litter tracking when the cat exits the box).

Buy it on Amazon

Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box

Give your cat’s litter box a more stately appearance with a grand entry staircase like the one on the Petmate Booda Dome. The stairs act as a litter catcher as your cat is leaving the box, and they also hide the unsightly litter tray, which you can’t easily see from the outside of the box. The entire domed lid removes for easy access to the tray when you need to clean the box.

Buy it on Amazon

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

Hiding a litter box in plain sight couldn’t be easier with the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box. The litter tray sits in the bottom of an oversized faux clay plant pot, with a fake plant coming out of the opening at the top. If you put the pot in a corner, with the cat’s opening pointed toward the wall, no one would immediately suspect that it’s really a litter box. Your friends may wonder why your cat is walking out of the plant’s pot, though.

Buy it on Amazon

Wicker Cat Litter Pan Cover

If all you need is a simple cover for an ordinary cat’s litter box tray, then consider this Wicker Cat Litter Pan Cover. The front “wall” is on a hinge to make it easy to clean as well as to get the litter tray in and out. The “wicker” is actually made of resin, so it won’t absorb moisture or odors.

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LitterMaid Cat Privacy Tent

For those of us whose litter boxes don’t need to look like furniture, but we’d still rather not see what’s going on in there, this simple LitterMaid Cat Privacy Tent does the trick. It’s actually designed to fit over the self-cleaning LitterMaid boxes (see above), but works over any litter box that doesn’t already have a cover or lid. The tent is made of waterproof vinyl and can be wiped out with a damp cloth or washed in warm, soapy water.

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7 of the Best Cat Carriers

Many cats are not fond of being moved around without their consent. Sure, some love to go for walks and are ok with a leash and harness and some other cats like car rides, but those felines are few and far between. Cats, unlike dogs, tend to prefer not being tethered or crated for any length of time.

When it is time to take a cat to the vet or moving, the carrier they travel in must be sturdy, the right size, and easy for us to handle. They must also be the “right” type for your cat. If you have a laid back cat or one who is too nervous to fight, a mesh cat carrier may be fine. If you have a bruiser of a cat who will try to escape then a hard-sided plastic carrier with a good lock on the gate and held together well is crucial.

I’ve had both types of cats and one that really like to be carried around in my arms or in a bag. Finding the right carrier can be tough but when you do find it, it’s a lifesaver.

So, we decided to do a search for some of the best cat carriers available based on their design, ease of transport, and what type of cat may be ok in it. If you’re in the market for a new cat carrier or just adopted a new cat, hopefully one of these will be right for you:

Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller

While this is not a typical carrier, this stroller is great for when you are walking distance to the vet or live in a city and don’t have a car. The stroller can hold a pet that weighs up to 45 pounds and has a fleece pad for comfort and a mesh zippered enclosure to allow airflow but also keep your pet from getting away. The shock absorbers also make the trip smooth for your furry buddy. This is a great choice for calm cats and those of us who aren’t able to carry a cat carrier or don’t like the way carriers tend to jostle and rock with our gaits.

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Petascope Carrier by Argo

Stylish and perfect for airlines, this carrier weighs 4 pounds and is made of nylon fabric. It’s perfect for small dogs and cats. The dual mesh on the windows helps prevent your cat from trying to escape and lets air flow in easily. The outer shell is also water resistant which is great if you get caught in a downpour from the airport to a taxi. It comes with a shoulder strap which makes walking with your cat easier on you and them. It’s strong enough to handle a nervous cat who may try to push and claw a little at the sides.

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Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

The Bergan carrier is also an airline approved carrier that offers comfort for your pet with a fleece travel bed, lots of ventilation with its mesh windows, and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The carrier is sturdy and well-made. The carrier has a front zipped opening which might be tough if you have a cat that isn’t a fan of traveling but maybe with some treats it will work perfectly. It also comes in several colors.

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Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

Sherpa has been making this model of pet carriers for years. My cats each have one and the Sherpa carriers have lasted over 6 years now. My cats go to the vet twice a year since they are seniors and have traveled on flights from the east coast to the west. The Sherpa carriers are airline approved, sturdy, keep their shape well, and well ventilated. The top zippered entry is great for cats who don’t like being nudged into the side opening and the shoulder strap makes it easy to walk without jostling the cat around. There are also two storage pockets for keeping health certificates or anything else you need for your pet when you travel. It’s strong enough for a nervous cat who desperately wants out and fits under the seat during air travel.

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The Vari Kennel

This carrier is probably the one many of us recognize. It’s a durable, heavy duty carrier that meets airline policies and is great for trips to the vet. With wired windows and a gate with a sturdy lock, your cat will be safe and have plenty of airflow. The Vari Kennel is great for the active cat who is persisted in trying to get out of the carrier. It’s also sturdy for heavy cats. If taking a road trip, the carrier can come apart and the bottom half can become a bed with a fleece liner or blanket when at your destination. Great for the cats who are adamant about not staying in the carrier.

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Petmate Look n’ See

The open mesh design can help cats feel not as trapped in this carrier. The plastic is molded and tough, easy to clean, and has a dual spring latch to ensure that your cat doesn’t accidentally escape during travel. It’s airline approved and great for the cat that is curious about EVERYTHING. It’s securely built and easy to clean.

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Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Two door carrier by Petmate is great for those of us who own cats that give us a little battle when it’s time to travel. The top opening means that your cat can be lifted and placed inside the carrier rather than nudged through the side door. There is plenty of ventilation, and it’s easy to clean. The steel front latch ensures that your cat will be safe and unable to escape. There’s even a water cup included with this carrier for long trips.

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What Are Your Experiences?

If you have a favorite cat carrier or would like to share your experience with one of the crates shown here, please let us know.