Go Green: 7 Green Pet Tips

Looking to make your pet’s lifestyle more green and safer for her? The reasons to go green (or greener) are plentiful, but the big umbrella reason is wellness. Consuming better food, reducing waste, and using products that don’t pose a danger to your pet and family make for a gentler footprint on the planet. Evaluating […]

4 Green Pet Tips

We’ve mentioned in previous articles ways to go green and reduce your pet’s carbon footprint from using biodegradable poop bags, to building your own scratching posts, to making your own cleaners from vinegar and lemons. While we may not have time to cook for our pets and sometimes some of the environmental cleaners just don’t […]

Think Green: Your Pet’s Carbon Paw-Print

Most of us are doing our part to maintain a cleaner town, greener planet, and reduce the amount of waste we produce. We may use fluorescent light bulbs, buy recycled paper, conserve water, and take care of our lawns and yards with gentler insecticides, but what about our pets? Many of us are conscientious shoppers […]

Green Cleaning: Using Vinegar for Pets

Vinegar can come in very handy for lots of household tasks. It can be used to clean your coffee maker, can be used when washing your hair to add some shine, and can also be used to deodorize and clean your pet’s bedding and themselves. It’s safe and non-toxic and can cut down on the […]