Halloween Costumes for Your Pet!

It is that time of year again. The local grocery store and pharmacy are stocked with candy, silly costumes, and lawn ornaments of ghosts, witches, and spiders. As you get ready for Halloween, don’t forget to dress your pet. Not every cat or dog will tolerate a costume but if s/he does, here’s a few […]

Happy Howloween from PetsWelcome.com!

We at PetsWelcome hope you and your family – including the furry members – have a happy and safe Halloween! creative commons photo by istolethetv via Flickr

7 Hilarious Cat Costumes for Halloween

Cats don’t dress up, or do they? Halloween candy, costumes for kids, and decorations are out in the stores. There are plenty of costumes for dogs. They don’t seem to be mind being in clothing. But what about cats? Do any cats like putting on a costume or finding their alter ego on Halloween? 7 […]

Upcoming Ferret Events

There are a bunch of upcoming ferret events around the United States in the next few weeks. They range from adoption and education events to fun rides to agility trials to assorted parties and seminars. Ferret Adoption/Education Day Petco Hannover, Massachusetts September 18 This event will be from 1:00-4:00 PM, and there will be free […]

Ideas for Dog Costumes


Do you know what you’re wearing for Halloween? Or, more importantly, what your dog is wearing? The clock is ticking! Better make a decision soon! There are plenty different styles to choose from that could easily match your dog’s personaltiy. Does your dog love watching the Wizard of Oz with you? Why not dress her […]