Halloween Costumes for Your Pet!

It is that time of year again. The local grocery store and pharmacy are stocked with candy, silly costumes, and lawn ornaments of ghosts, witches, and spiders. As you get ready for Halloween, don’t forget to dress your pet. Not every cat or dog will tolerate a costume but if s/he does, here’s a few great ideas:


This costume is a simple headdress that transforms your little bulldog into a dinosaur. It’s been a top seller for years because…well, it’s awesome.


I’ve seen pets with this little cowboy costume and it makes me laugh every time. As the dog (or cat) moves the little cowboy bucks. It’s hilarious. The funniest was when I saw a puppy pug with it on who galloped all over the dog park with the little cowboy.

Star Wars Bantha

Another riding costume but instead of a cowboy, it’s a Tusken.

Lion Mane

ROAR! Does your cat want to re-enact scenes from The Lion King? Want to scare your mailman with your new lion/yellow lab? Then pick up this little headdress.


I doubt my cats would wear this… but this costume is awesome. It has little arms that are free standing off with stuffing. The front legs of your pet are the legs of the pirate. If your pet is cool with this costume, it could be the hit of the party. Check out the video to see how it holds up when a cat walks with it on.


7 Hilarious Cat Costumes for Halloween

Cats don’t dress up, or do they? Halloween candy, costumes for kids, and decorations are out in the stores. There are plenty of costumes for dogs. They don’t seem to be mind being in clothing. But what about cats? Do any cats like putting on a costume or finding their alter ego on Halloween?

7 hilarious Halloween costumes for cats

Shark Cat

If your cat has a tendency to slink around and you can only ever see the tail as she walks around, why not make it funnier and dress her up as a shark for the day!?

Hairy Potter

For all of us sci-fi/fantasy fans out there, show your love of Harry Potter with your cat. I can’t guarantee the hat will stay on for long but he’ll sure look adorable with it. Take pics!


I had a cat that liked to play catch with me. I would throw a ping pong ball to him and he’d catch it (sometimes) between his paws and then bat it back to me. Sometimes he’d just watch it roll away and then wash his face. But for your cats that do like to play baseball, this is perfect.

Bee Cat

Remember the song by Blind Melon and video of all the people dressed as bees? I think someone should redo it with bee cats. Lots of bee cats. If anyone dresses their cat up as a bee for Halloween, please share it with us. We’d love to see it.


If your cat likes to romp and run, this is the perfect costume for him. Watch the little mouse buck back and forth as your cat zooms through the house.

Classy cat

For your more mature and formal cat, there’s a tie and collar that he can wear for Halloween. Why not greet the trick or treaters in style?


My cats like fish and try to get my tuna rolls. If they weren’t horribly offended by clothes I’d prob dress them both up as rolls.

Upcoming Ferret Events

There are a bunch of upcoming ferret events around the United States in the next few weeks. They range from adoption and education events to fun rides to agility trials to assorted parties and seminars.

Ferret Adoption/Education Day


Hannover, Massachusetts

September 18

This event will be from 1:00-4:00 PM, and there will be free nail clippings and ear cleanings with a donation.

CDFEA Ferret Fun Ride

Tom’s Farms Restaurant

Corona, California

September 18

This ride will be a benefit for the California Domestic Ferret Educational Alliance, Inc. The ride itself will begin at Tom’s Farms at 11:00 AM, and will then end at Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon, California. After the ride, there will be lunch, poker run, raffles and other fun activities. Participation costs $25 per rider and $10 for passenger; registration will begin at 9:30 AM.

Ferret Agility Trials

Emerald Park

Eugene, Oregon

September 19

The Lane Ferret Shelter and Rescue will hold the Ferret Agility Trials from 12:00-4:00 PM, and it is free for the public to come watch. Otherwise, if ferrets wish to participate in the trials, they must be properly vaccinated and their owners should pay a suggested donation of $3 per ferret.

Legalize Ferrets Revival

Holiday Inn

Concord, California

September 25

The Legalize Ferrets Revival will take place from 12:00-8:00 PM, and will include various speakers on subjects like ferret health, politics, ferret photography, how ferrets think and what a first-time ferret owner should expect. There will also be a dinner break. Admission is $27.50 if you make a reservation, or $33 at the door.

The Good, The Bad and The Fuzzy

Knights of Columbus Hall

North Easton, Massachussetts

September 25

The Good, The Bad and The Fuzzy will feature food, games, vendors and other activities. Ferrets are encouraged to come in themed costumes. Ferrets who attend should be leashed or caged, and come with proof of their most recent vaccinations. Admission is $5, and it is meant to benefit the Massachusetts Ferret Friends.

Ferret Festival

Londonderry Lions Hall

Londonderry, New Hampshire

October 8

The Ferret Festival will be a Halloween-themed party for ferrets and their owners. Costumes are encouraged, and ferrets must come with proof of current vaccinations. Ferrets are required to be leashed or in a cage as well, and they can participate in various activities. This party will be from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM.

Ideas for Dog Costumes

Do you know what you’re wearing for Halloween? Or, more importantly, what your dog is wearing? The clock is ticking! Better make a decision soon!

There are plenty different styles to choose from that could easily match your dog’s personaltiy.

dorothyDoes your dog love watching the Wizard of Oz with you? Why not dress her up in this lovely Dorothy costume? It includes both a dress and a headpiece, and even has the basket. Make sure to take her down the yellow brick road for Trick or Treating! It comes in all sizes, from Small to Extra Large.

spongebobIs your dog goofy? Then this Spongebob costume is perfect! It’d be really cute if you dressed up as Patrick or Squidward too. It fits around the neck and the paws, and is an officially licensed item from Nickelodean. It comes from sizes Small through Extra Large.

yodaIs your dog wise? Why not a yoda costume? You could easily match it with a Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker costume, depending on your personality and relation to your dog, of course. It is a head piece and jump suit with attached arms, and is an official licensed Star Wars product. It comes in sizes Small through Extra Large.

elvisIs your dog the king? Or just a rock star? An Elvis costume fits just fine! If your dog wears this, make sure to bring around a karaoke machine or tape player with some Evlis songs to help it out. It is a cape with arms and cuffs. It has the initials EP on the back too. It comes in sizes Small through Extra Large.

dog-drIf your dog loves going to the vet, or is always there for the rescue, why not dress it us as a doctor! It is a cape with legs and a bib. It comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

scoobyIs your dog very cartoonish, or always on secret missions? Scooby Doo is a great costume for such personalities. It is licensed by Scooby Doo, and comes in X Small, Small, Medium and Large. Make sure you have someone dressed up as Shaggy, Velma, Fred or Daphne, and drive around in a crazy psychadelic mini van!

prison-dogBad dog? Don’t put her in a time out, put her in a prison costume! It is a black and white cape with sleaves and a complimentary cap. It comes in Small, Medium and Large.