Pet Events in June in the USA

June is a great time to plan a trip in the US that includes not just your human family, but your pets as well. Summer events are plentiful, with lots of things taking place outdoors, which always makes it easier to bring your dog along to join in the fun. Here’s a rundown of some […]

Summer Travel with Pets

Summer is easily the most popular travel season in the United States – the weather is reliably great and the kids are out of school, making it an ideal time to pack up the family and head for the hills. Or the beach. Or the forest. (You get the idea.) Summer is also an excellent […]

More Events For June 2012

June has been a busy month for everyone – festivals, pet events, and the end of the school year. If you’re not worn out from the month yet and looking for other fun activities for you and your pet, check out the ones listed below. If you’re not near these cities, check your local animal […]

More Upcoming Pet Events for June

Now that the weather is warming up, there are more and more events and activities for you and your furry buddy to go to and many of them also help your local humane society or pet rescue organization. Looking for some fun things to do with your dog and family? Check out what is going […]