Pet Events in June in the USA

June is a great time to plan a trip in the US that includes not just your human family, but your pets as well. Summer events are plentiful, with lots of things taking place outdoors, which always makes it easier to bring your dog along to join in the fun. Here’s a rundown of some of the pet events in the US in June around which you might just want to plan a vacation.

With so many pet events across the country, this list can’t be quite comprehensive – at least not without your help. Is your pet event, or one in your area, missing from our list? Please help us update this list to keep it current by leaving the information in a comment below!

Pet Events in the USA – June 2016

There are a lot of great family activities this June happening across the states. If you aren’t near any of the cities listed, check with your local humane society to see what events are happening near you. This information was correct when it was published – please check with the local event organizers for the most up-to-date schedule, location, and admission information.

Paws in the Park

When: June 4, 2016 8am to 1pm
Where: Cascade Falls Park 1401 S. Brown St, Jackson, MI
Admission: Free to watch, $30 – $35 to register
More information: Cascade Humane Society
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Join the fun and run or walk with thousands of other pet lovers. Form a team and raise funds for the Cascades Humane Society. This year’s goal is to raise $30,000 and they need your help. Aside from the run/walk there will also be agility training demos, a doggie kissing booth, games and fun for kids, and plenty of booths that will be selling the latest and greatest pet toys and accessories. If you get hungry, don’t worry, food and drink booths will be on hand for you too.

Seattle Pet Expo

When: June 4/5 2016 10am to 6pm
Where: Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Pl, Seattle WA
Admission: Free
More information: Seattle Pet Expo
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This is going to be huge! Two days of learning about pet care, pet behavior, and training, along with demonstrations and vendors. Stay for the live entertainment too. If you bring your pup, you can get his/her nails trimmed for free and update those vaccines at low cost. There will be a lot of fun activities too like contests, a costume contest, and games for you and your pet. If you’re looking to expand your family, there will also be adoption booths of pets looking for their forever home.

Minnesota Pet Expo

When: June 11/12 2016, 10am to 6pm
Where: Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd ave South, Minneapolis, MN
Admission: Free
More Information: MN Pet Expo
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Head to the MN Pet Expo! There’ll be exhibitions, rescue groups and adoption booths, and live demos. You can learn about pet care, get some tips, and enter contests. Bring your pet and get ready to meet tons of other pet lovers. There will be vendors selling plenty of pet products and food and drink for hungry and thirsty humans too. Get ready to have two days of fun!

Willamutt Strut

When: June 12, 2016 9am to 6pm
Where: Riverfront Park, 200 Water Street NE
Admission: $30
More Information: Event Page
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Join Salem pet lovers for the fifth annual WillaMutt Strut! Registration starts at 9am and the walk/run takes off at 10am. After the strut, stick around and spend the day watching demonstrations, play dog games, and eat some awesome food. There will be plenty of vendors there too if you need to do some shopping for your fuzzy buddy.

New York Pet Expo

When: June 18/19 2016, 10am to 6pm
Where: Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY
Admission: Free
More Information: NY Pet Expo
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Bring your dog with you to the dog show and check out all the booths and vendors that will be there. It’s a fun event for the entire family. Enter your pup into one of the many contests to win prizes and watch the dog on stage strut their stuff. If your pup needs a nail trim, there is a free booth that will be on hand to help you out.

Denver Undy Run/Walk

When: June 25, 2016, 8:30am to 10am
Where: City Park, 2001 Colorado Blvd
Admission>: Check website
More Information: Registration site
Hotels in Co

Put on your sneakers and sign up for the run/walk. Proceeds go to raise awareness for colon cancer. You’ll see plenty of people in their “underwear” walking and running. Bring your pup and dress him/her up too! It’ll be a day of fun, exercise, and raising awareness.

Image from Houston Pet Talk

Summer Travel with Pets

Summer is easily the most popular travel season in the United States – the weather is reliably great and the kids are out of school, making it an ideal time to pack up the family and head for the hills. Or the beach. Or the forest. (You get the idea.)

Summer is also an excellent time to take a trip that includes the family pet, since good weather means you and your four-legged friends get to spend time outdoors.

No matter what the weather’s like outside your window right now, there’s no reason you can’t start dreaming – and planning – for next summer’s travels. And that’s where we come in. Here are some pet travel tips for the summer, plus links to articles we’ve written about pet-related events in the US during the summer months, from pet parades to dog washes to wine tastings, so you can plan to include the furry members of your family in some of the summer fun.

Summer Pet Travel Tips

Summer is a busy travel season anyway, so when you plan to travel with a pet you need to make doubly sure you’ve done your homework – arriving in a town where there’s no vacancy at the pet-friendly hotel and all the other rooms are booked for the night is no way to have a relaxing summer vacation. Here are some tips to help make your summer travels fun and memorable for you and your pet.


Make sure the tags on your pet’s collar are up to date and fastened securely to the collar.

Research and Obey Local Laws

Be aware of local leash laws when you travel – you can’t assume every town loves your dog as much as you do. Find out where the pet friendly beaches and other pet friendly places are in the towns you’re visiting so you know where you can go without leaving your furry friends behind.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Bring plastic bags, litter, or bedding. Wherever you stay, don’t forget to clean up after your pet. It’s both common sense, and courteous to the places you’re visiting.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

On sunny and warm days, the air in the car doesn’t circulate and the temperature can rise within minutes to a point where it can become life threatening. Even if the windows are cracked, cars heat up quickly and your pet can be in danger.

Watch for Heatstroke

Even if you don’t keep your pet in a hot car, hot summer weather can still be bad for your pet’s health – find out about the symptoms of heatstroke in dogs, and how you can prevent it.

Vet Records

Bring a copy of your pet’s vaccines. Hotels and vacation rentals often ask for proof of your pet’s vaccines.


Make sure you have enough of it for the duration of your time away from home. Pick up refills for your pet before you head out.

Kennels and Carriers

Some places require that your pet be in a carrier or crate when left alone. A kennel is also a safe way to travel for your pet. Airlines have size restrictions for kennels that can travel in cabin. Check about restrictions and pet air travel policies of the airline before booking.

Rest Stop Areas Mean Everyone Gets a Break

Take your dog out for a walk, offer some water and a snack. Be sure you’ve got plenty of water around for both you and your pets, especially on hot days.

Practice Water Safety

Just because your dog loves the water doesn’t mean he always knows its dangers! Keep an eye on your pet around water, especially when it’s an unfamiliar place. Animals won’t know about fast-moving currents, how tired they can get if they swim out too far (or for too long), and potentially-poisonous water sources, among other things. If your pet will be in and out of water often on your trip, bring along a life-jacket for him or her, too. Here are a few more swimming safety tips for pets.

Sunblock is for Pets, Too

Did you know that animals can get sunburned, too? This is especially true for animals with light-colored skin. If that describes your pet, talk to your vet about getting some pet-safe sunscreen and then be sure to use it (particularly on areas like the nose and ears).

Keep Summer Bugs Away

Summer is high travel season, and it’s also a high bug season. Things like fleas, ticks, and even heartworm can be more of an issue for your pets in the summer, so take precautions against them before you leave home.

Poisonous Summer Plants

You might know exactly which plants not to grow at your house, because they’re poisonous to your animals, but when you travel – all bets are off. Try to be alert when your pet is eating greenery you’re unfamiliar with, especially in the summer when the whole world seems like it’s in bloom. Here are some summer plants that are poisonous to animals.

Find the Local Emergency Vet

Know before you go where the emergency vet is in the area you are staying in case your pet becomes injured. It saves a lot of stress and time in the event that your pet needs immediate medical attention.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation and Activities

Before you leave home, you can find out about a variety of pet-friendly events going on in and around the places you’ll be visiting on your trip, and you can also make sure you’re booking stays at hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals that allow pets – all right here on!

Summer Pet Events in the USA

Please note that these lists aren’t comprehensive – yet! – so if you know of an event for dogs, cats, horses, parrots, guinea pigs or anything else that you think should be added to our lists, please let us know!

photo by newandrew on Flickr

More Events For June 2012

June has been a busy month for everyone – festivals, pet events, and the end of the school year. If you’re not worn out from the month yet and looking for other fun activities for you and your pet, check out the ones listed below. If you’re not near these cities, check your local animal rescue group or shelter to see if there’s any events near you. Remember, stay cool and have fun!

If you’re around or near any of the following cities, head to one of the events listed below and be ready for fun:

Where: Reading PA
When: June 23, 2012 11am to 4pm
Admission: Free
Benefits: Buddy Rescue Foundation

If you are near Reading, PA and want to head out this weekend to meet other pet lovers then go to the Oley Fairgrounds located at 27 Jefferson Street in Reading, PA. Buddy Rescue Foundation is hosting a Pet Adoption Day and Family Picnic. The day will be filled with animal rescue events, vendors, rescue groups who can answer any questions you have, music, activities, and entertainment. There’s even a raffle where you can win an iPad. Are you looking for a new family member? Then this could be the weekend you find your new furry buddy.

For more information call 201-264-6968.

Where: Soquel, CA
When: June 24, 2012 9:30am to 2pm
Admission: $5 per person, $10 per dog
Benefits: Coastal Dog Owners Group

This is the 11th annual Spring Dog Dog Festival that C-Dog (Coastal Dog Owners Group) hosts every year. The money raised from this fun fundraiser helps C-Dog continue to donate and help promote responsible pet ownership and grant money to other non-profits that help dog located in the Santa Cruz area. This year’s Spring Dog Festival will be held at Soquel High School located at 401 Soquel San Jose Road.

There will be 3 rings where demonstrations and contests will be held. Does your dog have a special talent? Why not compete in the Fashion Show or the Dachshund race, or the Bobbing for Hot Dogs contest? Some of the demos will be frisbee catching, ball herding, trick demo. If you have been curious about lure coursing, check out Ring 3 where lure coursing will be on display all day. Vendors, adoptable dogs, live music, food, and more will be on hand so you can make day of it.

For more information visit their website.

Where: Hollywood, Fl
When: June 30, 2012 9am to 10am
Admission: $1.50

What a better way to get some morning exercise than taking your dog for a walk with a bunch of other pet lovers! The Pack Walk in the Park will be taking place at TY Park. It’s only $.150 to enter the park and you and your pet can get a good hour long walk with some other dogs and owners in the morning before the rest of the day begins. TY Park requires that all dogs be on a 6 foot leash, no flex leashes or retractable, and that your dog be ok with being around other dogs and in a crowd. Arrive by 8:45am because the walk starts promptly at 9am. Bring bags to clean up after your dog in case she has to make a pit stop.

It’s a two mile walk along a newly paved walkway in the park. This promises to be a good and fun activity.

For more information please call 954-667-7387.

More Upcoming Pet Events for June

Now that the weather is warming up, there are more and more events and activities for you and your furry buddy to go to and many of them also help your local humane society or pet rescue organization. Looking for some fun things to do with your dog and family? Check out what is going around the country for the rest of June!

June 18 at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa there will a “Bark-B-Que” benefitting the Humane Society for Greater Savannah. Admission is $30 dollars for adults and $15 for children. Dogs are free. It’s an all you can eat type of buffet and there will a silent auction, games, and vendors. Your dog can go play with other dogs in a fenced in area and participate in activities. The event is from 5pm to 9pm and will be a fun day for the whole family.

Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa
1 Resort Drive, Savannah, Ga.

For more information please call 912-659-3747 or email [email protected].

If you’re in Arcadia, CA you should head to the 14 Annual Basset Hound Rescue SoCal Spring Games at Arcadia Park. This promises to be funny and awesome. It’s on June 18 from 10am to 3pm and you can enter your hound for $15 dollars or just come and watch! Basset Hounds will be competing in events such as a treat toss, howling contest, kissing contest, and agility.

There is also a costume contest and plenty of exhibits, vendors, and food. The proceeds go to the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California. If your hound is one of the first 100 registered you’ll get a special gift.

Arcadia Parkis located at the corner of Santa Anita Ave and Huntington Dr. in Arcadia, Ca.

For more information call 805-524-9353 or email [email protected].

Maybe your dog is being a bit of a nudge and driving you nuts. If so, why not see if you can make your dog a star and head to the casting call for “It’s Me Or The Dog” on June 18 at the USA Dog Shop at the Palisades Center Mall in NY?

From 1pm to 4pm bring your obedience school drop out to the mall and let them know why your dog and you need some help and guidance. The show is looking for dogs who have behavior issues and owners who are finding themselves going nuts from it. If you find your house is being torn apart by bickering, disagreements, and tension, this might be the answer you need.

Palisades Center Mall
2761 Palisades Center Dr.
Nyack, NY

For more information email [email protected].

Photo courtesy of Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California