How Much Do You Plan To Spend On Your Pet?

A recent article in Forbes talked about the amount of money millennials plan to spend on pets this season. The reasons cited started with the pet care business growing in the last several years. According to Forbes, the changing dynamic of pets not just as an accessory to the house, but as a family member has changed spending and increased the pet industry. Pet owners spend more on their companions in terms of medical, day care and boarding, and food. The article goes on to talk about holiday shopping.

Holiday shoppers on average used to spend about $62 on pets. The projected amount this season is at $81, followed by $79 from those who are Gen-Xers. Ah, Generation-X… my crew. But it’s not just the usual shopping trips to the pet store to buy new beds, toys, a new cage, or aquarium… the new trend has extended to tech gadgets that allow us to watch our pets when we’re not home, GPS trackers on collars, and point of view tiny cameras to see what the world looks like from where they stand.

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What do you plan on buying for your pet this holiday season? Let us know!

For the Love of Pets! We Spent $56 Billion On Them Last Year

In an article at Time magazine, it was discovered that we spent about $56 billion on pet care and supplies last year. The figure was collected by the American Pet Products Association which has been tracking spending since the 1990s on pet care products. So, where does the money go? Well, most of it was for pet food that amounted to $22 billion, another $14 billion was spent on vet care, and $13 billion on pet supplies.

What does this mean? It can mean many things from exceptional care on our parts, better products that may cost a little more, and more pet owners. It could mean that companies are creating higher quality products that we buy for our pets, more services like dog daycares are available, or maybe we are being ripped off (joking). In all reality, it means that pet owners are making decisions to adequately care for the pets in their families, to budget and create a comfortable life for the pets, and are being responsible pet owners. But, boy, that amount of money is a lot!

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