Dog-Friendly Vacationing Around Humboldt, California

Humboldt County, California is located on the far North Coast of the state. The two biggest towns in Humboldt are Eureka, the county seat, and Arcata, a small college town. The towns have some interesting Victorian houses located in their premises. This area is situated on the Pacific Ocean, and away from the beaches, the land is heavily wooded and full of Redwoods. For nature types, there are lots of great beach spots and parks for humans and dogs to explore.


Fort Humboldt State Historic Park

This state park in Eureka, California, used to be a remote military post established in 1853, to tend to conflicts that would rise up between gold miners and Native Americans. Today, it is a historic area that is situated on a bluff that stares into Humboldt Bay. Leashed dogs may walk around the outdoor areas, but cannot go in any of the buildings.


Samoa Dunes

Samoa Dunes is located in Samoa, California, and is a park of over 300 acres. People like to drive off-highway vehicles around these dunes, but others go there for fishing, surfing, hiking, picnicking and other fun activities. Dogs can run around on or off-leash, but have to be under voice control. Those who let their dogs roam off-leash should have a leash handy.

Parks and Trails

Six Rivers National Forest

This national forest encompasses over one million acres, and there are many trails to hike with your leashed dog, many of which are accessible through Eureka.

Hammond Trail

Many locals around Arcata, California, like to take their dogs on Hammond Trail. It goes over the Mad River pedestrian bridge and through some lovely beaches spots, and is a 5+ mile distance. Dogs must be leashed.

Hiller Dog Park

Hiller Dog Park is located in McKinleyville, California, and features forest, meadow and ocean. It is not fenced, but there are nearby restrooms, benches, waste bags, trash cans and a water fountain.

Arcata Community Forest

Arcata Community Forest encompasses about 790 acres of woodland with lots of Redwoods. There are 18 trails, which are up to 2 miles in length, and leashed dogs are welcome to hike with their owners.

Outdoor Restaurants

Hana Sushi

Hana Sushi is a restaurant with assorted Japanese food, and is located in Eureka. Leashed dogs are welcome to sit at the outdoor tables.

Los Bagels

Los Bagels is located in Old Town, Eureka, and also in Arcata. They bake all sorts of bagels, breads, muffins, danishes, empanadas and other pastries.

Dog Parks in San Francisco, California

Crissy Field

San Francisco, California, is a wonderful city full of beautiful parks and many off-leash areas for dogs. Being a very hilly city, most of these parks give excellent views of their surroundings.

Alamo Park

Alamo Park is located at Alamo Square and the Haight. Dogs must remain on leash if they are in the eastern part of the park, but are free to run off leash throughout the western part of the park. The remainder of Alamo Park offers people great hilltop views of San Francisco, as well as a tennis court, walking trails, flower beds and a playground.

Bernal Heights Park

Bernal Heights Park is on top of Bernal Hill, and is an off-leash dog park of over 35 acres. There is not much vegetation, but there are beautiful panoramic views of the city. The park has two paved paths as well as some dirt paths for hiking.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is a famous park in San Francisco, and it is frequented by all types of  locals and tourists.

Most of the park areas require dogs to be leashed, but there are four different off-leash dog runs throughout its premises. It is a big park, so it is a good idea to bring a map if you are trying to find one of these off-leash parts.

Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista Park is located at Haight Street and Buena Vista Avenue. It is over 35 acres, and is actually the oldest park in San Francisco, having been founded in 1867. Today, it remains one of the most wooded areas in the city, and dogs are allowed to walk around off-leash. It is a great place for hiking, but there are not open fields for dogs to frolic.

Crissy Field

Crissy Field is a park of over 100 acres, in the Marina area, where dogs can run off-leash. There are great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and places for dogs to play in the water.

Dolores Park

Dolores Park is a very urban-feeling park located in the Mission district, and is a large patch of grass that offers scenic views of the skyline. Dogs can run around off-leash.

Alta Plaza Park

Alta Plaza Park is located in Pacific Heights, and features an off-leash area in its eastern half. The rest of the park has a playground, tennis courts, fields and walking trails.

Dog-Friendly Vacationing in Redding, California

Sundial Bridge

Redding, California is located in Shasta County, and has a population of around 100,000 people. It is the largest city in California north of Sacramento, at the northwestern end of the Central Valley. It is a wonderful place to go check out nature, as there are beautiful mountains to the north, east and west, as well as some nice spots in the city limits. Redding has an off-leash dog park, and several outdoor activities to do. It is a good idea to have a car while visiting Redding, as the city is very spread out.


Sacramento River Trail

This is a pleasant trail that runs for about 6 miles. All sorts of hikers, joggers, cyclists, Segway riders and fishers go around this trail. Dogs are allowed to join you on leash.


Benton Dog Park

The Benton Dog Park is open daily from 6:00 AM-10:00 PM, and has 2.3 acres where dogs can run around off-leash. Dogs must be over 4 months old to play in the dog park.

Shasta Trinity National Forest

The Shasta Trinity National Forest encompasses about 2.1 million acres, and its elevation ranges from 1,000 to 14,162 feet. There are five wilderness areas, hundreds of mountain lakes and thousands of miles of streams and rivers. Dogs are welcome to hike with you, as long as they are leashed.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

The Turtle Bay Exploration Park has 300 acres full of lovely outdoor attractions. There is the Sundial Bridge (above), which connects the north and south campuses of this park, as well as a historical railroad exhibit, a huge arboretum area, various gardens and more. Leashed dogs can go throughout many regions of this park and gardens, but cannot enter the Forest Camp or museum. Admission is $14 for adults, and $10 for children and seniors.

Outdoor Restaurants

Coffee Creek Juice and Java

This place serves assorted beverages. Leashed dogs are allowed to join at outdoor tables.

La Palomar Mexican Dining

This is a small, local restaurant that serves Mexican food along with beer and wine. Leashed dogs are allowed at the outdoor tables.

In-N-Out Burger

For those who haven’t had the true California fast food experience, there is an In-N-Out in Reddings. Dogs on leash can sit outside this establishment.


The Sandwichery is local deli, and leashed dogs are welcome at the outdoor seating area.

Dog-Friendly Hiking in Marin County, California

Marin County is one of the most beautiful parts of all California, with plenty of pristine nature to enjoy for a day trip. It is a wonderful area to drive to if you are on vacation in San Francisco, as you are able to cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge and escape into the mountains to experience woods, peaks, fields and views of the ocean, bay and city skyline.

Apart from the actual drive, there are various opportunities for you and your dog to get some exercise. Unfortunately, dogs (and bikes) are prohibited in the areas of the Muir Woods, Point Reyes and Tomales Bay, so stay clear of those. Dogs must be on leash to enjoy the rest of the trails.


Mount Tamalpais State Park

Often known as “Mt. Tam,” this park is very accessible from San Francisco, being a short distance north of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are rolling fields, along with dense green forests that have redwoods scattered throughout them. This park is open from 7:00 AM to sunset, year round. It has about 50 miles of trails, where you can easily take your dog on leash.


One great trail is the Cataract Falls, which is 2.6 miles out and back. It goes along a creek, and then through 7 different waterfalls and to a lake. The trail is well-maintained and popular. It tends to get muddy when there are a lot of people there, so bring proper hiking shoes and a towel for your dog.

The trail is of moderate difficulty, and you will need to ascend and descend a few cases of stairs. There are a couple areas that have open fields to relax and have a picnic, just watch out for spiders. There are some restrooms along the trails, but no drinking water.


Phoenix Lake is another option, which is in the Marin Municipal Water District. It is located near the town of Ross, and and there is a 4.4 mile loop that is a beginner’s level. Phoenix Lake is regarded by locals to be a popular place to walk their dogs, so it’s an ideal place if your dog wants to meet some new friends. There is also a good deal of wild life present, including species of birds, turtles, newts and lizards.

Tip: The parking area can only hold 24 cars, so try to get there early.

Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve

The Mount Burdell area also has a lot of exploration options. There are even some cattle present during part of the spring to help graze the grass. Be aware that there are no restrooms or accessible water on these trails, so come with your own supplies.


The peak of Mount Burdell is situated at 1,558 feet, and you can trek to be rewarded with fantastic views of the whole Bay Area. The trails are full of many oak trees, and they are fairly difficult, but not impossible. There are a couple different hikes that go up to the summit; Cobblestone Fire Route (through Deer Camp Fire Road or Middle Burdell Fire Road) is the easiest, while Old Quarry Trail is more steep.

Note: Dogs are prohibited from the wildlife area on the western part of the park. They must be on a leash under 6 feet in the rest of the area.