4 Smartphone App for Pet Owners

Do you own an Android phone or iPhone? Are you owned by a pet?

Your phone can be your best tool when looking for the closest dog park, what to do in an emergency with your pet, and where the closest pet stores are when you’re in a new city or away on vacation with your pet.

Here are 2 Android applications and 2 iPhone applications for pet owners:

1: PetBook – This Android app stores information about your dog, cat, bird, or other pet. It creates a gallery of images that you have of your pet and info such as veterinary phone numbers and addresses, medications, vaccine dates, and much more. You can then export the info by sending an email to anyone that may need the information such as a boarding facility or doggie daycare.

2: Pet Care Services – New to a city? In a new part of town? Or maybe on vacation with your furry friend? If you’re looking for a dog park, groomer, or vet this app can help you find them on your Android phone. It lists and will help you map and find the closest pet services based on your GPS location.

3: Off Leash Dog Park Locator – This iPhone application does what it says, finds dog parks for you to bring your energetic pooch to near where you are. It pinpoints your location and then displays the 5 closest parks. Clicking on a park will then bring up the directions to get there.

4: Ceasar Says – This iPhone application is developed by National Geographic and delivers references for training, has some sound bites, and has the “tssst!” sound that Ceasar Milan uses when training dogs. It’s a fun application that helps you remember to be the pack leader.

Whatever phone you have, the number of applications available for pet owners is growing everyday and making our lives easier. Your pet will thank you when you find them a cool dog park to run around in, a pet store that has their favorite treats, or a groomer who doesn’t scare them with a blow dryer!