Emergency Preparedness For Your Pets

In light of the recent storms in the Northeast, we wanted to update this article on emergency preparedness for pets with some new information. Our thoughts are with everyone struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy, and we’re grateful to all those who have sent money, supplies, and volunteers to the area. Don’t forget that you […]

NYC: Pet Preparedness Event

Hey New Yorkers! 2011 has been a rough year so far with incredible snow storms that many of you haven’t seen in 20 years and a hurricane that knocked down trees, knocked out power, and flooded parts of Long Island. Hopefully you’ve prepared an emergency kit for you and your family in case there are […]

Pet Tips for Emergencies

There is a lot of talk about the hurricane heading towards the east coast this weekend and many of us are running out and making sure we have enough water, food, and batteries for flashlights. We are listening to the radio, figuring out whether to tape our windows or not, evacuating low-lying areas, and trying […]

More Pet Safety Tips


Cats and dogs tend to explore things with their mouths. Therefore as pet owners, we need to ensure that what they are putting in their mouths is safe. Many common household items can be dangerous and even lethal to our pets.