Take That (Near) Perfect Picture Of Your Pet

Granted many of us use our phones to take pics, we can make them amazing shots if we take a second and frame the shot. Cats and dogs don’t often cooperate well but with these few tips we can capture their true personality. 4 Tips for Photographing Your Pet If you can, turn on the […]

4 Natural Light Effects for Pet Pics

Natural light can create the best pics and when it comes to trying to get a great pic of our pets we all know that a flash on the camera often gives our dogs and cats lazer eyes. It’s beyond red-eye… you know, that glowing weird green color that their eyes get because of the […]

Stop Moving! Tips for Photographing Your Pet

How many pics do you have of your pet that are blurry or looked great in the viewfinder and then when you hit the shutter, they moved their head or walked away? In the end, how many pics do you have of your dog or cat sleeping? If you are trying to get a good […]

Pet Stores Around Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, has no shortage of local pet stores. Many of them sell the best-quality food for cats and dogs, and others have a wide selection of aquarium fish and other creatures. Only Natural Pet Store The Only Natural Pet Store claims to have to largest selection of natural pet supplies in Boulder. In addition […]

Great Pet Stores in Miami, Florida


Miami is a hotspot for visitors from everywhere. People flock here from all around for the beautiful beaches, great food and exquisite shopping. The pet stores in Miami offer an infinite amount of pet products and activities, from luxury products to bird cages to gourmet food to grooming to professional photography. Dog Bar The Dog […]