PetSmart Partners with Ellen Degeneres

If you watch Ellen or know a little about her, you may know she loves her pets. Well, her lifestyle brand, ED, is going to enter into the world of pet products. The pet products will be a range of items from sweaters to beds, collars, toys, and shampoos. The collection is going to be […]

5 Geeky Pet Products

There are cats and dogs on Twitter, Facebook pages for our beloved pets, and social networks and groups dedicated to pet lovers to meet and talk about our most amusing parrot we ever owned or the best ways to keep a fish tank clean. So why not show our techie side by getting products for […]

Fun and Silly Products For You and Your Pets

As tech gets smarter marketing gets whackier, the products available for our pets and us are useful most times, beautiful sometimes, and down right silly at times. There are some essential items on the market that can be great for our pets and are being sold in fun packages, labeled with snazzy names, and given […]

Gadgets and Fun Products For You and Your Pets

As tech gets smarter, funkier, and strives to simplify our lives (or complicate it) our pets and products available for them also evolve or in some cases become silly. Have you see the little flower that you can hang from your dog’s tail that covers butt so the world doesn’t have to see it as […]

Great Pet Stores in San Diego, California


San Diego is a great vacation spot, as it has Seaworld, the zoo, the beach and many attractions. If you are there to shop, there’s no reason you can’t pick up something for your pet, as there are tons of marvelous spots. Bird Crazy This store sells baby birds, as well as their own batches […]