It Flies! Sugar Gliders

What Are They? Sugar Gliders are small nocturnal marsupials, which means they start out as young living in a pouch. They resemble chipmunks or squirrels and have a small fold of skin that connects their front and back legs. This fold stretches out when they are jumping or falling to help them glide to their […]

Upcoming Pet Expos: This Weekend

Lots of awesome pet expos and events are going on this weekend! They are all family-themed, and some of them even let you bring your pet! America’s Family Pet Expo Orange County Fair & Event Center Costa Mesa, California April 16-18 This giant pet fair will feature over 1,000 animals! Admission will be $12, $10 […]

Great Pet Stores in Miami, Florida


Miami is a hotspot for visitors from everywhere. People flock here from all around for the beautiful beaches, great food and exquisite shopping. The pet stores in Miami offer an infinite amount of pet products and activities, from luxury products to bird cages to gourmet food to grooming to professional photography. Dog Bar The Dog […]