Pets and Twitter

There’s been social networks for pet lovers for a number of years now. Dogster is still one of the most well known ones for creating a profile of your furry buddy and meeting others who share the same enthusiasm for their pets. You may even find some people in your city to hang out with at the local dog park and events on there.

Facebook doesn’t promote us to create profiles for our pets but we can create pages and have fans for them. There was a time when many people were using logbook and catbook, which were extensions of Facebook and your pet could “friend” your friends. Recently, it seems to be that Twitter is going to the dogs… and cats… and hamsters…

Justin Beiber, Cher, and CNN still have plenty of followers on Twitter but their popularity is being shared widely with pets. Pets are more popular on Twitter and Facebook than many movie stars, musicians, and reality tv celebrities. A study conducted by PetPlan found that many pet owners have profiles for their pets on Twitter. In the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 10 pets have a persona on the social network. Some studies have credited part of the success of Twitter to this phenomenon.

So who are the cool pets to follow on Twitter? Check out these cool furry friends:

Luckydaythecat – the most adorable kitty you’ve ever come across

HaggisMcB – a cool cat that likes windowsills and tomatoes

OprahtheDog – 50 Cent’s dog who rules the house

RomeotheCat – a proud rescued cat that helps raise $ for animals

ImaJackRussell – a 19 yr old pup who has written two children’s books

Johannthedog – an agility dog who blogs

Mozartdane – an artistic Great Dane who sells his paintings to support a rescue organization

WhippetSnippets – a handsome whippet who sometimes pees on his leg

140 Characters or Less: What is your cat doing?

When you come home from work does your cat greet you with some purring and meowing? When you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you hear a “mew” followed by some more mews and a few “rowrs?” Aside from your cat telling you that he’s hungry or wants to play, maybe he’s trying to tell you about his day!

Now, you can find out what you cat is doing, thinking and feeling while you’re not home and let the world know too! Sony has developed a cat collar that will tweet, yes, that’s right, tweet for your cat on Twitter.

Sony calls it [email protected] and the device is not ready for release, but the prototype they’ve developed has a small camera, GPS, and Bluetooth. The device is to be worn around the neck on a collar and when it senses the cat is near something like their food bowl it can send pre-set phrases to Twitter such as “This tastes good!”

Researchers say that the [email protected] can recognize other cats’ faces and could tweet “just saw Morris” as development continues. At the moment there are 11 phrases that are preprogrammed and the device sends the tweets to a PC via Bluetooth which then updates Twitter.

There was no news as to when Sony anticipates having the final product available. If you can’t wait, and want to know what your cat does while you’re not around, it might be time to try out the cat cam.

WOOF! BarkWorld Expo 2010

There is a brand new pet event happening this summer in Atlanta, Ga for all pet owners who use Facebook, Twitter, Dogster, and other social media applications for their pets. The expo is will have products and services for pets.

BarkWorld Expo will be an avenue for the social media anipals (this is what twitter animals are called) and those who are new to the world of social media to find vendors, pet-care businesses, and charities under one woof, err, roof.

It is believed there are about 69,000 anipals on Twitter, BarkWorld is hoping to get a number of them together to network, shop, and talk about pet-related businesses, organizations, and awareness to make the world a little brighter for animals. If you’re a business owner who is new to the world of Twitter, Facebook, and other media – BarkWorld could be the perfect venue to learn how all these applications can benefit and grow your business.

BarkWorld is the brainchild of Denise Quashie. According to her dog, Frankie Beans, it was exhausting to try out new toys, diets, and tips. Upon joining Twitter and participating in pawparties, Frankie decided it would be better if there was a forum where humans can network, trade tips, learn new ways to perfect their Social Media skills and learn about products and services that enrich the lives of their furry friends.

BarkWorld will be a three-day Expo, here’s the schedule so far:

August 20, 2010
Marketer Day!
Social Media strategies for the small & large pet related businesses as well as non-profit organizations and associations

August 21, 2010
Pet Lover & Owner Day!
Social Media strategies, marketing for pet owners and non-profits. Expo hall open!

August 23, 2010
Charity Pet Fashion Show – Now accepting entries from pet clothing and packaging designers. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Before the Expo weekend there will be a series BarkUp Charity TweetUps® to help raise money for pet charities. To stay up to date you can follow BarkWorld on Twitter:

Pawpawty: Twitter has gone to the dogs, cats, and bunnies

If you’re on Twitter and follow some other pet owners, you may have started seeing a few of your Twitter friends ending their status updates with #pawpawty. PawPawty is a monthly virtual party that people on Twitter participate in as their pets. The mission of PawPawty is to raise money for a different animal charity each month. It’s a monthly 24hr virtual party to have fun, win prizes, meet new people, and to raise funds for animal charities all over the world.

Here’s how it works and what you need to do to pawty:

1: You make a twitter ID posing as your pet and tweet status updates as if it was coming from them, such as saying something like, “I went for a walk and tried to chase a squirrel but wasn’t allowed!” A lot of people who have Twitter IDs for their animals also talk in “LOLCAT” language which is a cross between phonetic and just bad spelling of words such as SKEDULE (schedule) or PEE-MAIL (email).

2: To attend a party, you just need to start tweeting with #pawpawty somewhere in your status the day the party starts. To find the next pawpawty, check out their website. You can also let them know you’re going to the pawty by RSVP-ing here.

3: Pawpawties are like big gatherings of twitter people who have conversations and pretend they are at a party. It’s amusing to read but the stream of people replying and posting is very fast and you can lose track. If you want to be able to see a real-time stream of the pawpawty and have it be separated from the non-pawty Twitter people you follow try Tweetdeck, which allows you to create categories into different columns to make it easier for you to follow information that is relevant to you. For instance, I have a column called “News” where I follow CNN, NY Times, and other news twitter feeds. For the pawpawty you could create a column that finds all tweets that have #pawpawty in them.

4: Once you are “at the party” you’ll see posts that ask if you’ve paid your cover charge or made a donation to the charity with a link. You’ll also see links to fun photos of other people’s pets, silly photos of the animals at the party, and a link to listen to the music the DJ is playing.

5: There are those who are SEKURITY (security) officers who monitor the activity and will report bad twitter animals as spammers or “bullies” to Twitter. It’s a party, be nice, don’t bite, and have fun!

6: You don’t have to stay online for the full 24 hours – come and go as you please. Please remember to donate a few dollars to the charity of choice.

In the time that PawPawty has started, it has grown from just a group of people pretending to be their animals and giving money to a specific charity to having many people take time to create fun ID pictures for the pawties, be security guards, organize payments, and create funny after-pawty blogs and pictures. There’s a pawparrazi wall where twitter pictures have been collected for each pawty. The pawties have themes too and if you have a bit of Photoshop experience you can have your cat or dog have a Santa hat on or Easter bunny ears.


This past month was a Las Vegas themed party and many animals were dressed up as Elvis. The charity chosen was World Society for the Protection of Animals and they raised $1878 that went to help animals that were affected from the disaster in Haiti. In total so far, pawpawty has raised over $23,000 for different animal charities around the world. It’s an amazing use of social networking that is different from Facebook fan pages and causes, because this also motivates people to “talk” to each other, come together for a cause, and make new friends without much effort. Why not attend the next pawpawty and see if your critter makes some new friends and maybe even finds true luv?

If you find yourself wanting to help organize future Pawpawties, contact the following twitter critters to learn more: @frugaldougal and @snick_the_dog.