Pets and Twitter

There’s been social networks for pet lovers for a number of years now. Dogster is still one of the most well known ones for creating a profile of your furry buddy and meeting others who share the same enthusiasm for their pets. You may even find some people in your city to hang out with […]

140 Characters or Less: What is your cat doing?

When you come home from work does your cat greet you with some purring and meowing? When you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you hear a “mew” followed by some more mews and a few “rowrs?” Aside from your cat telling you that he’s hungry or wants to play, maybe he’s […]

WOOF! BarkWorld Expo 2010

There is a brand new pet event happening this summer in Atlanta, Ga for all pet owners who use Facebook, Twitter, Dogster, and other social media applications for their pets. The expo is will have products and services for pets. BarkWorld Expo will be an avenue for the social media anipals (this is what twitter […]

Pawpawty: Twitter has gone to the dogs, cats, and bunnies


If you’re on Twitter and follow some other pet owners, you may have started seeing a few of your Twitter friends ending their status updates with #pawpawty. PawPawty is a monthly virtual party that people on Twitter participate in as their pets. The mission of PawPawty is to raise money for a different animal charity […]