Caught on Video: 5 Wacky Cats

If you are someone who keeps up with the latest internet memes, then you probably know who Grumpy Cat is and have seen that cute, scowly cat’s face with funny captions under it. The most famous being “No.” With the day to day hustle we all do, bills to pay, jobs that we sometimes don’t want to go to, and everyday stressors, pets can really be a blessing. Sometimes they also contribute to the stress but mostly they are just being themselves and indulging in their unique attributes.

Today is one of those days where I wanted to just stay home, lounge, and drink coffee but I had to go to work and get things done in the morning. At least now I get to take a break. I’ve spent the last few minutes watching videos on YouTube of cats that have very unique, quirky personality traits and silly habits. Does your cat have some uniqiue or bizarre trick? These guys stand out to me.

Here Are 5 Videos of Cats Being…Themselves

Winston is not a normal cat. He chews on things like chopsticks, plastic lids, and loves sushi. He also is very attached to his bananas and is not keen when his owner takes one. As his owner put it, every meow is like Winston saying, “Hey! Drop it!”

This chubby tabby really has a thing for sliding around on the floor. There are several videos of this cat sliding out from under a couch, laying and pulling himself across a floor, but this one of him sliding into the soda cartons and then wearing it like a corset is my favorite.

I’ve given cats baths. Some fought tooth and nail to get out, others liked being shampooed up but hated the rinse. I’ve never met a cat that wanted to soak and relax like this one.

This black and white cat knows how to walk a kitty. Do you?

And finally, this cat knows how to get around the house without exhaustion. My cats run from the vacuum and anything that moves like this. They would never ride a Roomba.

Do your cats have any unique personality traits like these guys? Walk on their front paws? Stand up and beg like a dog? Share your videos with us!

Image from CatsThatLookLikeRonSwanson