Pet Stores Around Tacoma, Washington

April 10, 2010
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There are lots of nice local pet stores and other pet-related businesses around the Tacoma area in Washington. Some of them are specialized, such as in dog washing or aquarium servicing, but others have a wide variety of products for all sorts of pets!

Tradewinds Birds & Feed

Tradewinds Birds & Feed describes itself as “Pugent Sound’s finest bird store.”

They sell hand-fed parrots, and other birds like finches and macaws. There is also feed for domestic and wild birds, along with a large selection of cages for sale. Tradewinds takes up 3,000 square feet, and has a wide variety of toys and other useful bird accessories. They even do boarding and grooming services for birds.

Aquarium Paradise

The Aquarium Paradise has over 10,000 square feet of fish, tanks, corals, foods, accessories, and other supplies; it is one of the largest aquarium stores in the US! They also offer maintenance services for home and business aquariums. They are located in Lakewood, Washington.

Fort Fido Doggie Daycare

This place is located in University Place, Washington. It is a family-owned  dog daycare center and pet supply store. They also offer dog training programs, like house-breaking and commands, along with workshops for humans, like communicating with canines.

Indoor Reef, Inc

Indoor Reef is an aquarium store that sells all kinds of fish supplies and aquarium equipment like heaters, chillers, pumps and more. They also do maintenance services for aquariums.

Scamp’s Pet Center

This pet store is located in Lakewood, Washington. They sell puppies, small animals, birds, reptiles, and freshwater fish. They also sell a variety of products for all of these animals. There are also professional grooming services for small and medium-sized canines.

The Soggy Doggy

Dirty dog? Come here!

Located in University Place, Washington, the Soggy Doggy has a multitude of services. They have facilities to engage in self-service dog wash with professional shampoos, conditioners, blow driers and colognes. There is also self-service grooming, and no expereience is necessary! If you are in a rush to get your pet cleaned, there are even Washmatic Hydromassage cabins, where you can have the machine do all the work and wash, remove parasites, rinse and dry your dog or cat!

They even have a specialty dog bakery, and a boutique with dog and cat foods and other products.

The Pet Brigade

The Pet Brigade is located in Lewis, Washington, and is a full-service pet facility that offers dog and cat boarding, doggie daycare, grooming and training. The building is very innovative and comfortable for pets, in a clean facility that has advanced climate control.

It is the only kennel in America that is located on a military post!


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