Awesome Pet Friendly Food Trucks

Treats Unleashed

At Petswelcome, we’ve known for a long time that finding a pet friendly hotel as well as places to eat with your pet are the recipe for a successful trip with your favorite animal. When it comes to places to eat, food trucks are a great option that you should definitely explore. That’s because food trucks […]

Upcoming Cat Events and Festivals for Summer 2018

picture of cat

Summer is the time to get out and explore and experience new and different happenings. If you are a cat lover, then there’s plenty to do and see this summer, with events and festivals that highlight and revel in that most magnificent of animals, the felis catis. These events are as different and varied as […]

Visit Pet Friendly Ames, Iowa

High Trestle Bridge

Why Iowa? you might ask. Here at Petswelcome, we think the most fun destinations are those you might not know much about. And when we’re looking for pet-friendly places to take our pets, we like to head to destinations that might not be on everyone’s shortlist. But here are a few things you might not […]

Great Roads to Drive On with Your Pet

seven mile bridge

There are a lot of fun and rewarding things you can do with your pets. Driving with them might not be high on your list, or even on your list at all. If that’s the case,  I beg to differ. If you get on the right road, with windows open and dogs safely harnessed, there […]

Great Pet Friendly Hikes in the Hudson River Valley

bear mountain on the Hudson River

Just up river from New York City is one of the most beautiful areas on the East Coast (in our humble opinion): the Hudson River Valley. Whether you have a car or just want to jump on a Metro North train (dogs up to 65 lbs allowed with no extra fee) or take Amtrak from Grand Central […]

Hurricane Preparedness for People and Pets

hurricane eye

With the official opening of the hurricane season in little more than a week (the season begins on June 1 and lasts through November 30th), now is the time to start planning for the possibility of a storm hitting your area. As pet owners, we have special responsibilities to take into consideration when it comes […]

The Fantastic Flying Dogs of Flyball

dog racing in flyball tournament

Flyball is a fun and absolutely electrifying sport for canines that got its start in Southern California in the late ’60s/early ’70s. It developed out of hurdle racing, and came into its own when Mike Randall built the first flyball box (which he demo-ed on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson), an apparatus that launches […]

Some Great Pet Friendly Vacation Destinations

pet friendly Florida gulf beach

At Petswelcome, when we’re thinking about a pet-friendly vacation, many times we don’t have a particular city in mind. When the urge to get out of town hits, it’s usually a general sense of wanting to visit a particular type of landscape—one with beaches or lakes or mountains. Or maybe it’s an area that highlights […]

The “Art” of Naming Pets

Rusty the viszla

About a week ago, we posted on our Facebook page, asking folks to tell us their pets’ names. We got a fantastic response in a short period of time, more than 125 names, including Trumpy the pig, and a cohort of ducks named Peeps, Lenny, Penny, Bert, and Ernie. What was amazing is that with […]

Three Upscale Pet Friendly Hotels to Escape To

The Lodge at Cloudcroft

Sometimes at petswelcome we choose a destination based on the merits of the hotel itself, rather than the particular city it’s in, or even the cultural, artistic, historic, and tourist attractions the area has to offer.  We like ensconcing ourselves in upscale pet friendly hotels and enjoying all the amenities they provide and then, if […]

Easter Egg Hunts for Dogs

Dog with Easter eggs

It’s understandable that on special holidays like Easter,  pet owners are concerned about keeping their pets safe from items that might be harmful, should they take it into their head to eat them. And, of course, that should always be the priority. Obviously, chocolate, sugar, plastic grass, and  toxic plants, to name a few things, […]

Dog Friendly Minor League Ballparks

dog friendly minor league baseball

  Going to a baseball game with your best friend isn’t just about the Major Leagues. There are lots of dog friendly Minor League ballparks across the country, from Wilmington, Delaware, to San Jose, California, rookie to Triple A teams. Teams that are pet friendly specify which games you can bring your dog to; they […]

Fly Fishing with Your Dog

fly fishing with a dog

April 1 is the opening day of trout season, so why not go fly fishing with your dog? At petswelcome, we’ve been tying flies all winter in anticipation of getting out on the river and making that first cast. And bringing our dogs along makes it even more special. Floating on a drift boat with […]

Safest Dog Car Harnesses and Pet Travel Carriers & Crates

ZuGoPet The Rocketeer Pack

If you plan on traveling with pets, your animals’ safety is a critical consideration. Whether it’s by car, train, or plane, you’ll need a harness, carrier, or crate to secure them. The safest dog car harnesses and pet travel carriers and crates share one thing: they are CPS certified. That means that the Center for […]

Pet Events in December in the USA

Brrrr. The days are shorter and the nights are colder. But this doesn’t mean that you and your canine buddy can’t go out and meet other pets and their owners. The holidays can become quite busy for us and our pets may wonder what the decorations and running around is all about. Take a day […]

Pet Events in November in the USA

When the leaves have turned color and we’ve pulled out the winter blankets, our days are shorter and our pets are cuddling closer, Fall is here. This doesn’t mean that there are less things to do. November is full of educational, exciting, and silly pet events. Looking for something to do on the weekends when […]

Pet Events in October in the USA

Fall is here! October is full of pet-friendly events that will be fun, educational, and still taken advantage of the great cool weather. The days are getting shorter but it doesn’t mean the fun stops for you and your pets! Check out some of the events listed below and if you’re not near these, check […]

Pet Events in July in the USA

A great way to spoil your dog is to bring them to an event where they can meet new friends, sample some great treats, and participate in competitions and contests. Attending pet events in your area is a good way to bond with your pet, spend time with the whole family, and meet other pet […]

8 Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy This Summer

You probably know most of these tips when it comes to making sure your pet is kept safe and cool this summer, but it never hurts to be reminded. As the temperatures change, the things we need to be mindful of when caring for our pets change too. 8 Safety Tips for Summer Never, ever […]