Bengal Cats: Not Your Average Cat

There are some cat breeds that most of us have never heard of nor seen.

Have you ever heard of the Egyptian Mau? What about the Ocicat? Have you ever touched the fur of a Rex? What about the Bengal cat?

There are many exotic and unique looking cat breeds out there. Out of the list of exotic breeds, Bengal cats seem to be gaining in popularity, or at least, in curiosity as I see more and more Youtube videos about them and have found several websites that talk extensively about the breed’s origins and how to rescue or adopt a Bengal.

Bengal cats are medium to large in size. The females weigh between 8 to 11 lbs and the males can weigh up to 18 lbs. They have a short coat that is silky and soft with patterns of spots or marbling and may sometimes have a “glittered” look, meaning it appears as if their fur was sprinkled with glitter.

The cat is a result of breeding the Asian Leopard cat with a domestic cat to preserve the look of the wild but tame it enough to live in a house. The domestic cats typically used are Siamese, Abyssinians, and Ocicats. The first generation of the offspring are often too wild, as are the second and third. A good breeder will not adopt about a Bengal until it is the fourth generation.

Bengal cats are more active that average house cats, are highly intelligent, and can be easily bored. You need to exercise them everyday and keep them stimulated. Imagine these cats as the “border collies” of the cat world. They are always looking for something to do, something to play with, something to discover.

If you have had cats before and feel you are ready to try your hand at a Bengal cat, there are rescue organizations around the world and breeders that you can contact. But remember, they are not your average cat and could turn your house upside down. These cats are not for everyone but man, oh man, are they beautiful!

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