Dealing with Muddy Paws

Watering the lawn, garden, and backyard or just having a good old rain storm means your pets may come into the house with muddy paws. As cute as it is to play with your dog and the hose or have him jump into a kiddie pool during these last hot summer days cleaning up dirty, mud prints in the house is not fun.

So, how to deal with muddy paws? Here’s a few tips:

1: Get a textured welcome mat or mud mat. Place it in front of the door where your dogs enter and exit after playing in the yard. You may also want one by the front door when you take walks with your dog and there are some mud puddles that she’s stepped in.

2: Train your dog to sit on the mud mat. This may take a few tries since most dogs want to burst back into the house and head straight to the water bowl after a long walk or romp. Once your dog understands that she must sit, get her used to having her feet wiped off. This might take some patience on your part. Expect your dog to try and jump away or think it’s a game and dart about.

3: Use an old towel or even an old oven mitt as your foot wipe that can be kept by the doorway either outside or right inside the house. If you want there are also grooming gloves that can be purchased at your local pet store. But be green, see what you have in the house that can be reused as a foot wipe.

4: After a good romp at the dog park or a hike, your dog might be dirty and muddy. Consider getting a washable car seat for the back seat or tossing down an old blanket that your dog can lay on. Just remember to make sure you can still latch the doggie seat belt on her. It’ll keep the dirt off your car seats and add a little extra comfort to their ride home. If you pop your dog in a crate or use the car seats for dogs, line it with an old blanket or towel to help keep it clean.

5: Consider keeping grooming wipes in the house and car for when your dog has dirty feet, played and got goopy with other dogs, or just needs a little wipe down. Many are scented and have ingredients like tea tree oil that are good for their skin.

6: If your cat is an outdoor/indoor cat, get him used to having his coat and feet wiped down when reentering the house. If your cat won’t stand still, which many won’t, pick him up, give him some TLC and wipe his feet, tail, and anywhere else that is dirty. A treat doesn’t hurt either!

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One thought on “Dealing with Muddy Paws

  1. Thank you so much for the tips. You have a beautiful Shiba. I too am a Shiba
    Inu owner and lover. I love the breed.