Pet Friendly Hotels in San Diego

Taking a trip to San Diego to get some sun and fun? If you’re planning on bringing your best furry buddy and need a place to stay, try one of these hotels. They are pet friendly, have some great amenities, and some charge no extra fee or a small fee.

The Sofia Hotel Downtown
150 West Broadway
San Diego, Ca

The Sofia Hotel Downtown is a pet friendly hotel that charges a nightly fee of $25 per pet. There is no weight restriction or limit to the number of pets per room. It has a yoga center, a bistro and bar, fitness center, laundry and dry cleaning services, and meeting rooms. It’s a nice chic hotel with a friendly staff. They may even have some treats for your best buddy.

Rates start at $105 a night plus the pet fee. Reservations: (800) 826-0009.

Solamar A Kimpton Hotel
435 6th ave
San Diego, Ca

This hotel is in downtown San Diego and is a hip, luxury hotel right in the Gaslamp district. They offer spa treatments, a fitness facility, and a wine hour. It’s a great spot for you, your pup, and close to a pet store and the convention center in case you are going for work and not play. They do not have a weight restriction or size restriction for your pet, nor do they limit the number of pets per room. However, they do ask that you tell them you are bringing your pet when making your reservation. You can even opt for a pet package that has a walk, some toys, food, a massage, and/or grooming for an additional fee.

Rates start at $175. Reservations: (877) 230-0300.

Vagabond Inn Point Loma
1325 Scott Street
San Diego, Ca

This hotel is located on America’s Cup Harbor at the entrance to Shelter Island. It serves a continental breakfast every morning along with the newspaper. Vagabond has a heated swimming pool, cable tv, and some rooms have kitchenettes. It’s pet friendly and doesn’t have a restriction on weight, size, or number of pets per room. There is an additional pet fee of $10.00 a night. They do not have special pet packages, and ask that you do not leave your pet unattended for long spans of time, but it is a quiet and clean hotel for you and your furry friend to stay.

Rates start at $70 a night. Reservations: (619) 224-3371.

Photo courtesy of The Sofia Hotel Downtown.

10 Pet Friendly Hotels

Recently, the travel planning website, Tripadvisor, released a list of the top 10 pet friendly hotels to stay at when traveling. The results are based on user reviews that have stayed at various places and use the site to help plan and purchase package deals.

Looking for a place to stay with your furry friend that will pamper them a little and offer some services? Then try staying at one of these places the next time you’re on the road.

1: Affinia Dumont – located in NYC the hotel boasts having dog beds, treats, and a pet psychic in case your pet just needs someone to talk to. Rates range from $200 to $650 and require that all animals staying are up to date with vaccines.

2: Hotel Monaco – if you’re going to be in Portland, Or and need a hotel that will cater to your pet and you, this could be the place. They have many amenities for your pet including pet bowls and a personal greeting on the welcome board for each pet that comes to their hotel. Rates range from $125 to $350. Check with the hotel about their pet policy before booking.

3: Ocean Park Resort – going on a trip to Myrtle Beach? Taking your pup? Book a room here and your pet will get some TLC. Check the hotel’s pet policy before booking. Rates range from $55 to $150 with an additional $15 pet fee.

4: Palomar Washington – in Washington, D.C. your pet can be pampered and loved. Get him a pet pedicure, a pet bed of their own to lay on, and come to the happy hour/yappy hour where dogs can hang out in a lounge called “The Dish.” Rates range from $180 to $560.

5: A Laughing Horse Lodge – these beach cottages located in Port Aransas, TX offer dog treats and collars for your dog to wear while you’re there that read, “Return me to Laughing Horse Lodge” in case they lost. Rates range from $58 to $240.

6: The Paw House Inn – does your dog need her own pet bed? Need an off-leash dog park that’s near by? The Paw House Inn in West Rutland Vermont has a dog park as their backyard! There are also hiking trails and the inn provides homemade dog treats. Rates range from $135 to $255.

7: Carmel Country Inn – located Carmel, Ca is a bed and breakfast that provides treats for your pup and will also take a pic and display her on their board in the lobby as a “VIP.” Rates range from $195 to $395.

8: Hotel Marlowe – there are no size or weight restrictions at this hotel in Cambrdige, MA. They offer a package for dogs that includes a fuzzy blanket, gourmet treats, and scratching post for your kitty. Rates range from $204 to $490.

9: La Quinta Inn – staying in Valdosta, GA the LaQuinta Inn has a pet area and there’s no extra pet fee to have your buddy with you on your trip. Rates range from $89 to $128.

10: Cypress Inn – located in Carmel, Ca this inn has a doggie menu and yappy hours for your dog. Rates range from $150 to $575.

Atlantic City Hotel Allows Dogs to Stay

Dog lovers who know their best friend can be good luck will be able to bring their furry companion to Atlantic City starting on Feb. 24. Showboat Casino Hotel will become the city’s first dog-friendly casino and will begin accepting reservations online on Feb. 14. There will be 9 rooms offered for you and your tail wagging good luck charm to stay in, and upon checking in, a pet bed, bowls, and treats!

To book a room for you and your dog will cost an extra $40 but during the introductory period, Showboat is waiving the fee and will throw a promotional party on March 3 and will present a donation of $1000 to the Ocean City Humane Society.

For your dog, there will be a relief area at States and Pacific avenues that will be roped off and just for your dog to go potty. Showboat will provide cleanup bags if you need them. Dogs are only allowed in the relief area and the hotel room. They cannot go hit the slots or the bar with you.

Known as Pet Stay, the program that launched pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, is working with Showboat and if it is successful, three more hotels may also become dog friendly this year in Atlantic City as well!

So looking for that weekend getaway from the tri-state area? Not sure if you can get a boarding facility to take Fido for your spontaneous weekend trip? Don’t worry! Take him with you and rub his belly for good luck.

Also, February 27 to March 5, 2011 is restaurant week in Atlantic City with prix fixe lunch and dinners for you to indulge in! So play, eat, and take your furry friend on a trip away from the Big Apple.

Matilda Knows How To Party! The Algonquin Hotel Cat

I know most of us have a “birthday” party for our pets or do something to celebrate it like giving them a special treat, special meal, or a super fun afternoon at a dog park. But I doubt any of us have parties that top the kind Matilda has each year at the Algonquin Hotel.

On Wednesday, Matilda turned 15 and had a huge party. I mean huge. There were about 200+ people and a feline fashion show. The party was hosted by John Fulton, who is the host of “Must Love Cats” on Animal Planet, and had a mobile adoption unit with cats in it hoping to find a forever home.

Wait? What? You don’t know who Matilda is and why she gets such lush parties?

The Algonquin Hotel has a tradition of having a resident cat who is treated like gold and has his/her own personal assistant. The resident cat gets to go anywhere in the hotel except the kitchen. Currently, Matilda, a ragdoll cat, is the hotel’s number one feline. She has her own chaise lounge and often greets the guests as they enter the lobby.

The first cat was taken in back in the 1930s when the owner, Frank Case, took in a stray cat and named him Hamlet. The Algonquin Hotel will always have a cat and only use the names Hamlet or Matilda depending if the cat is male or female.

Matilda has her own email address and an assistant who replies to people’s inquiries for her, a facebook fan page (Matilda – The Algonquin Cat), and a twitter account (@Algonqueen). Matilda has some other furry friends who visit her, such as a dog named Cosmo. Cosmo and Matilda can be seen hanging out on a luggage cart in the lobby.

Her birthday bash benefits a local no-kill animal shelter and has some classic tales such as the time Matilda hid and refused to attend her own party or the time she jumped on her cake and then ran away leaving buttercream paw prints behind her.

Now I have met several cats who live in various places of business such as a local deli, pet store, and bar but I highly doubt any of them get bashes like Matilda’s. If you’re ever near the hotel, pop in and say hello to Matilda. She’d love it!

Kimpton Hotels: A Pet-friendly Profile

(This is the first in a continuing series of articles that will highlight particularly pet-friendly hotels and lodgings, offering an in-depth look at their accommodations, amenities and corporate philosophy with regard to accepting animals.)

When you think “pet-friendly hotels,” do middle-of-the-road lodgings come to mind—accommodations
that are decent and comfortable but never luxurious? Are you resigned to the fact that you have to
forgo high-end ambiance if you’re going to travel with your pet? Well, if so, think again. San Francisco-based
Kimpton Hotels is a collection of boutique properties that will truly welcome you and your favorite animal
without the restrictive policies or additional fees you might expect from such an exclusive brand.


Offering a unique combination of innovative programs and pet-friendly amenities, Kimpton gives new meaning to the phrase “creature comforts.” As soon as you step into one of their beautiful hotels, you’ll realize that they didn’t just jump on the pet-friendly bandwagon—reluctantly accepting cats and dogs to increase their market share. On the contrary, Kimpton takes their pets very seriously (as well as with a creative sense of humor) and they play an important role in their progressive and humanitarian approach to guest care.

“We have always respected the emotional connection between pets and their human companions and know that taking your pet with you on the road can create a more memorable travel experience,” said Steve Pinetti, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. “Our creative packages and complimentary amenities add value to each guest’s hotel stay and ultimately set the stage for stress-free pet travel.”


Since the company’s inception in 1981, Kimpton has been host to many unique pet guests from a pet Iguana named “Slim,” at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco, to contestants for the Westminster Kennel Club competition at 70 park avenue hotel in New York. Other unusual pet guests have included an aardvark, an albino kangaroo, an anteater, an armadillo, a bear, a condor, a baby cougar, a flamingo, an ibises, a lemur, penguins, a sloth, and a warthog.


All of Kimpton’s 50 unique hotels offer a host of various pet packages and freebies. Their knowledgeable staff
can also provide guests with the inside scoop about nearby parks, dog sitting, walking and grooming, as well as other pet-friendly services and venues. Some of the hotels even employ four-legged “Directors of Pet Relations” who welcome guests with an enthusiastic wag, leaving no doubt about Kimpton’s respect for and dedication to animals.


Over this holiday season, many of the hotels will be offering a Santa Paws Furry Photo Op where your pet can be snapped up-close and personal with the jolly fat man himself. Some of the other inspired pet packages at Kimpton Hotels include:

  • Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge offers a package including a doggie bed or scratching post for cats. Both cats and dogs receive a basket of gourmet treats and cozy fleece blanket. Animals celebrating a birthday will also receive a cake from Polka Dog Bakery.
  • Four-legged guests at Hotel Allegro in Chicago receive star treatment with a bed, food and water bowls, plus a “sWAG bag” including water, snacks, and a keepsake leash. Human companions receive a copy of Dog Massage: A Whiskers-to-Tail Guide to Your Dog’s Ultimate Petting Experience. $5 per reservation is also donated to the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago.
  • New York bound dogs can take Manhattan in style at 70 park avenue hotel by booking the pet package including a stylish doggie bed, basket with treats and toys, dog umbrella, logo dog bone, and for ultimate pampering – a doggie manicure and pedicure.
  • At the EPIC Hotel in Miami, beyond the necessities like a pet bed, bowls and chew toys, dogs and their human companions also receive a stuffed toy welcome gift, plus a choice of two of the following services: “Pawdicure & Shampoo” treatment, one hour of daily play time, one hour of dog walking at Flamingo Bark Park, or massage for two humans. Companions also receive continental breakfast for two in the restaurant daily.

And if you ever have to travel without your pet, Kimpton still has you covered with its Guppy Love program.thu_petvideo_110x1441
Guests staying at any one of the 22 participating hotels can request a live goldfish to stay overnight in their
room. While it might not replace the companionship of your own animal, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Kimpton has done their research and found that watching colorful fish swim gracefully to-and-fro actually calms nerves, reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure, making our fine-finned friends ideal in-room companions. And you never have to worry about caring for your goldfish because the hotel staff is on-hand for daily feedings and care, allowing travelers the opportunity to enjoy stress-free bonding throughout their stay.

With luxurious accommodations, unparalleled openness and fun and unique animal amenities, Kimpton is an inspired choice for a fantastic, upscale lodging experience for your extended human—and non-human–family. Be sure to check our dedicated database of Kimpton Hotels to find one at your next destination.