Pet Friendly Hotels in Savannah, GA

Heading on a vacation to Savannah, Ga and looking for places to stay that you and your best friend are allowed to stay? There are many fun things to do in Savannah and some very dog friendly parks, hiking trails, and cafes to check out. Here are some pet friendly hotels where you and your […]

Hotel Manners: Tips When Traveling With Your Dog

Dogs can be great hotel guests and can make the other guests and staff happy by offering a wagging tail, happy face, and a few kisses. They also don’t steal towels, take the little shampoo bottles, or try to steal the paintings off the walls. When traveling with your dog, plan ahead and make reservations […]

Pet Stores and Services Around Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina, has a couple great pet resorts, as well as some local stores that offer novelty and practical products and services for all types of animals. Top Dog Ltd Top Dog Ltd has been around since 1979, and is a pet resort that offers dog and cat accommodations. For dogs, they offer indoor […]

Great Pet Hotels of New York City


Within the jam-packed, extremely busy environment of New York City, you can still find some great hotels to relax away from the chaos with your pet. Apart from hotels, NYC also has Central Park, which is full of fields and fenced-off dog areas, lovely for pets and owners. Be aware that places that accept pets […]