Great Pet Hotels of New York City

Within the jam-packed, extremely busy environment of New York City, you can still find some great hotels to relax away from the chaos with your pet.

Apart from hotels, NYC also has Central Park, which is full of fields and fenced-off dog areas, lovely for pets and owners. Be aware that places that accept pets are generally expensive.


SoHo Grand Hotel
This is a trendy, fancy hotel in SoHo, which is a hip, upscale, fashion district of NYC. Book a room here if you’re not worried about money, and you and your pet are seeking a luxurious, posh time. This hotel allows cats and dogs, and they offer food, walking, grooming, litter boxes, treats and vet services. The staff will even offer you a goldfish when you check out!

Loews Regency New York
This hotel is located on the Upper East Side, which is great because it is so close to Central Park. This area also is not as crowded as some of the downtown spots, so it’s easier to walk around the streets with your dog. A luxury hotel that has the “Loews Loves Pets” Program, including pet room service menus (for cats and dogs), lists of pet services in the area, food bowls, walking services, pet beds and litter boxes.

DuMont Plaza Suite Motel
This hotel is around Midtown East, which has some tourist and some business activities, and is a pretty busy area. Not far from Times Square or the Empire State Building, if you want to see those. This is a luxurious hotel that also pampers your pet. They accept all types of pets, and they have food bowls, dog sidewalk bags, litter boxes, and lists of dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants. For extra fees, you can get grooming, boarding, dog walking, gourmet treats, a pet taxi and a pet psychic!

Renaissance New York Times Square
If you really must see Times Square, or you are doing the Broadway tour of NYC, stay here. Pets are allowed with a fee of $65. It is near Bryant Park, where you can walk your dog and even catch outdoor movies in the summer nights.

A famous, elegant, expensive hotel on the Upper East Side. It has hosted every American president since Harry Truman, and has superb views of Central Park because of its height. Fancier for humans than for pets, but there are dog walking services right down in Central Park.

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