Six Essential Pet Travel Accessories

So you’re taking Fido on a vacation. What’s next? Check out our favorite pet travel accessories so you can rest easy knowing your pet is comfortable, safe, fashionable, and probably a little spoiled.

Pet Travel Bowls
Your dog or cat is going to have to eat and drink at some point, but those big plastic bowls can really take up a lot of packing space. Behold: the amazing foldable, nylon, pet travel bowl! These bowls are not only durable and easy to clean, but they also fold up neatly. This is a must have pet travel accessory, even for t a trip to the dog park!

Pet Carrier
You’ve probably seen an enormous variety of pet carriers ranging from the high-end designer carrying bags to sensible crates for airline and car travel. You can spend as little or as much as you like (the possibilities are endless!) but we highly recommend purchasing one for any pet. Carriers help keep pets safe during travel and are required for flights. Which reminds us…

Dog Seat Belt
This one might seem a little silly, but you might have a dog that hates being crated. Having your pet in the car is an inevitable scenario for most pet owners and slamming on the breaks, bumps in the road, and high speeds are dangerous for our furry friends. Pet seat belts help keep dogs where they belong: buckled in tightly!

Seat Covers
Back in the car again. You simply can’t put your dog in the car without getting a seat cover. Minimize damage done to your car, and clean up by placing a seat cover where your dog will be traveling. It will maximize the life of your car and make your life a whole lot easier.

Ramps and Stairs

If you have an elderly dog or cat (or perhaps just a teeny tiny one) you may be utilizing ramps and stairs in and around your home. Don’t forget that while traveling those same issues apply! Bringing steps or ramps to help your dog or cat get where they need to be can be very helpful. Ramps can be great for getting in and out of tall cars too. It’s good to know that the latest ramps and stairs also fold up quite nicely to maximize space!

Something Familiar
Travel can be stressful for some pets, so do your part in making it an enjoyable experience. Bringing a bed, toy, or something familiar from home can make all the difference. This one’s easy–just throw it in the back seat!

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