Boarding Your Dog

While it might seem counter-intuitive for a company that promotes taking your pets with you wherever you go, it might not always be possible to do so. If you have a young puppy that hasn’t had all of his required immunizations, you probably don’t want to expose him to the general riffraff that he might encounter on the road. It’s probably healthier to board him at your local veterinarian. Same thing for an older (or sick) pet that might not be able to withstand the rigors of riding in a hot car, and certainly not capable of dealing with flying in the hold of an airplane. Sometimes you have no choice–if you’re going to another country for a week or two–it just may not be feasible to take Fifi to Paris with you, even if her ancestors came from there.

If you’re on vacation and you’ve taken Fido with you, and you’re planning to be off sightseeing for most of the day, it might make sense to find a nearby boarding kennel. Many of them offer things like pet sitting and exercise programs, so you can drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the evening when you return. Some tourist places like Walt Disney World and Dollywood, have their own kennels, so you can drop your pet off in the morning, and go have a good time without any concerns.

Of course, before you leave your precious four-legged buddy anywhere, take the time to visit the boarding facility, talk to the owner, take a stroll through the place, and express any concerns you have about Fido. Assuming you’re satisfied, go have a good time, and you’ll rest easily, knowing you’ll have him back in your room for the evening and morning strolls.

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