Three Amazing Pet Friendly Hotels

Taking your pet on a vacation is all fine and good, but where to stay? If you don’t have accommodating friends or in laws to bother, what’s a pet owner to do? We’ve done our part to help out by highlighting some of the nation’s best pet hotels. If you’ve hit the road anywhere in the country, you can rely on these locations to accommodate not only you, but also your furry friend. As you’ll see, some of them have gone over the top, in accommodating our favorite travel companions.

Hotel Monaco
Denver, CO

Hotel Monaco is all about pets. This fun-loving hotel is not only located in one of the best outdoor and pet-friendly cities in the country but it also pulls out all the stops for your dog or cat. Your pet will be greeted with a pet basket, equipped with treats, toys and trimmings for their stay. Your pet will also be listed on the hotels’ Pet Guest Board for all to see. Who wouldn’t want others swooning over their dog’s picture?

This pet hotel also offers pet sitting services and donates a portion of their proceeds to animal shelters. I know, right? Too good!

The James Hotel
Chicago, IL

We’re in the love with The James Hotel and we’re sure your pet will be too. This pet-loving hotel stops at nothing to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. With a pet spa, sitting services, menu, and walking service – you pet will never want to leave. Plus, The James Hotel is a boutique hotel, which makes our Windy City hearts smile.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the award-winning animal behavior specialist on staff or the in-room training sessions you can hire out.

Bowen’s By The Bay’s
Hampton Bays, NY

You’ll love the fact that you’re enjoying summer in the Hamptons and your pets will love this resort’s acres and acres of play space. Although there are no walking or pet services, you’ll likely want to take your pet along with you while you’re on vacation in this beautiful setting. Beaches and fields are in no shortage here! Consider staying at some of the property cottages, which will likely feel more like a house to your dog or cat than a hotel room.

Keep in mind that each of the hotels listed accept pets of all kinds. While dogs are perhaps the most common of the four-legged friends you’re likely to encounter, you will see cats as well. Call ahead and reserve a room now!

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3 thoughts on “Three Amazing Pet Friendly Hotels

  1. Does someone have list of things I should ask the hotel staff if I am bringing my dog with me? It will be the first time I am going to travel with him and I don’t want to forget anything. Thanks.

  2. I kid you not. There are places that welcome well behave dogs. Just make sure that they are not naughty in the room. I believe that People will get my message.
    therefore, In-case of Accidents, please clean up Immediately. and spry the area, making sure that the Carpet is not stain. one is lucky is the carpet needs changing, however, dogs may no longer be permitted in that room. Also, where gross smoking is permitted, dogs are often put in those rooms. how Discrimination. also, such as my dog whines, please do not leave your dog my his or herself, cause they are other people whom are not dog people, often Damage Deposit, but, clean up after their accident. other places flat fee, and still others stiff fee. so, yes, it is best to check ahead, what the requirements are. I think that is very rare that a Hotel/Lodge will have doggy sitting service, through hotels have sitting service for new born or kids. quit frankly, not every kid or dogs are perfect. I have seen kids misbehave behind their parents back. yelling up and down the halls, yet, weeding parties, I have seen Adults behaving worst then kids, so, in respect, it is not easy to travel. I love having my Pug traveling with me. but, in mild weather and small towns. it seems if your 4 small legged friend is keep in a crate, then I can’t promise. it maybe okay. small towns have fewer problems. then that can change on a moment notice. so closing. when going to doggy friendly hotels, through the clerks enjoy the 4 legged friends. control your dog, not letting him(her) jump on other people, cause too many complaints will case to do away with dog guests, except of course seeing dogs for the blind, then that is federal law.
    If a stuffy motel hotel wants to argue, then go else where, it is not worth peoples time fighting over it. however, call ahead and alert the manage that a blind person will be traveling with you and will have a seeing eye dog.
    Lots of luck.