Tips for Road Trips with Your Dog

Dogs usually love going on car rides, whether they sit in the back of a pick up or just like to stick there head out the window against the wind. However, if you plan to do a long car ride with your dog, keep some things in mind.

For one, have your dog used to being in a car. If you plan on taking a multiple-hour trip, take your dog out on trainer trips for an hour or two a few times before. Get out of the car and let your dog explore all of the new smells, sounds and scenery! It will become used to being outside the comfort zone.

Bring tons of water, and bring your own food and water bowls. Bring the food it eats as home, because the road is a bad place to experiment with new food. Also bring an extra leash, some toys, towels, brushes and blankets. Your dog will likely feel more comfortable if these are all from home. If your dog gets carsick, ginger pills are a good remedy. Have your dog’s ID tag include your cell phone number or email in case of emergency. If you want to bring your dog in a cage, make sure it is used to the cdog-carage before you go away.

If you plan to cross state or country borders, it helps to bring the latest veterinary statement that your dog is in good health. Make sure it includes valid vaccination records. In case there is some emergency and your dog might need to stay in a kennel, it is necessary to bring these documents. Do some research about the area you are traveling to, such as if it is prone to Lyme disease.

When you are actually on the trip, make sure you stop every two to three hours so you and your dog can stretch and run around. It helps so it is not restless in the car. Give it water at the beginning of the break rather than the end! When walking your dog at night, always carry a flashlight. Try not to leave your dog in the vehicle unattended, because it is illegal in many states. If you are feeling cold in the car, your dog probably is too, so put a blanket over it. Take poison precautions before your trip-make sure the anti-freeze is out of reach, because some animals try to eat it. Also avoid eating hazardous foods near your dog in the car, such as chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes or raisins.

Enjoy your trip!

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