How To: Exercise Your Dog IN the Hotel Room

Sometimes it just isn’t feasible to take your dog with you everywhere outside your hotel room when you travel.

Gasp! I know… sacrilege! But think about it. Maybe you’re traveling for a big business meeting, or to check in with your parole officer for that one “what happens in Vegas” moment you’re still paying for. Or maybe it’s just the first date with the out-of-town girl you met online with a super cute photo yet an oddly deep voice.

In any case, these scenarios might be awkward if you have your dog tagging along. Probably not if you show up with your rats though.

So back to the dogs. If you don’t exercise them, they’ll just end up eating the legs off the nightstand at the hotel, and you’re going to have to pay for it.

We have a solution for you, train your dog to exercise in it’s sleep. Not possible, you say? Watch the video below. Now all you have to explain to the hotel front desk are those odd circular-shaped scratch marks in the wood floors.

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