The Pros and Cons of Puppy Pads

Puppy training pads are great for owners who are trying to get their young dog to learn not to go in the house everywhere. Owners of small dogs who live in big apartment complexes and senior dogs who can’t hold it for a full day anymore often also have wee wee pads placed in the house to save the floors.

These pads are easier to clean up and often a lifesaver for those urbanites who have wacky schedules or the elderly couple who can’t walk the dog in all sorts of weather.

The pros to using puppy pads are:

1: Often are cleaner than using litter boxes or puppy boxes

2: They soak up urine quickly and can thrown in the trash without a mess.

3: They contain an odor eliminator that helps trap the smell of urine.

4: A package of puppy pads are cheap and can last a long time.

However, there are few cons to having puppy pads down in the house all the time:

1 : Your dog may never become fully house-trained

2: If it’s a training tool to learn to be housebroken, wean as soon as possible. Don’t let the pads become a crutch.

3: It can make you a lazier owner

4: Your pup might think any square on the floor is an acceptable place to “go” like the bathroom rug, your yoga mat, or your kids’ board game.

The pros are that as your dog is learning to be housebroken, you won’t end up with floors that are urine stained and avoid accidentally stepping in something unpleasant.

Fully house-training your dog is the best option and it can take time. Try to set a schedule and keep to it so you and your dog know when it is time to go outside and “do your business.” Be patient and aware that the process won’t happen overnight and you may want to move the puppy pads closer to the front door to help your dog understand what you’re trying to do.

You may even have to take a puppy pad with you on a walk and place it down on the sidewalk (near the curb please!) to reinforce the idea that going outside for a walk also equals going to the bathroom. Either way, having a dog who is house-broken is always better than having a dog who might think the world is his potty!

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2 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Puppy Pads

  1. I just checked your website and I love it. My son and his wife are (as I write this) moving back east from the west coast and traveling with two dogs. I just texted your site and I’m sure they will find very helpful.

    Thank you for providing all this great information. We have a yellow lab and we enjoy taking her with us when we eat in outside cafes, it is so much fun and she loves the attention she gets from other dog lovers.

    Have a great day,


  2. Oops! I put my comment under the wrong section. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your site and not to write a comment on the puppy pads. But the pads did work great for us when our dog was a puppy. When we took her upstairs for the night we put a pad in the floor of the shower and we took her in there instead of taking her downstairs several times during the night.