Tips For Crating Your Dog

Just got a puppy? Or adopted an adult dog? Crating is a great method that many people use to help house-train dogs and also a place where your dog can rest when unsupervised. This prevents dogs from having accidents in the house, keeps them from destroying items in the house, and if done correctly, can be their sanctuary.

When buying a crate think about the size of your dog. If your pup is not full grown, but you have an idea of how big she’ll get, get a crate that has dividers. That way the crate can “grow” with her. Prices vary depending on the brand, structure, and materials used. Some crates are heavier to prevent dogs from bending the bars and escaping. Others have designs that are made to help prevent spilling of water, easy clean up if your dog has an accident, and some have covers that create a cave or den-like experience. Expect to spend anywhere from $40 to $200 on a crate depending on what you feel is best for your buddy.

There are many benefits to crate-training your pup:

1: Satisfy’s their need for a den-like enclosure
2: Effectively helps house-breaking
3: Prevents destructive behavior
4: Keeps them out of harms way (poisons, chewing wires, etc)
5: Serves as a travel home when staying somewhere new like a hotel or holiday rental

If your dog has never been crated before start with the door open. Let her go explore the crate on her own. Toss a toy in there and she’ll probably go scampering in to retrieve it. Make it fun. Make it her space. Don’t let your kids play in the crate and don’t ever use it a form of punishment. If your dog is hesitant about the crate, try placing a few treats in it for her. Praise her and let her know the crate is a good place to hang out.

Just remember to remove her collar when she’s crated, don’t confine her for long periods of time, and make sure she has a little water when left for a few hours.

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