Traveling with Hamsters

hamstTraveling with your hamster should be fun, as they are less to worry about than a typical cat or dog. However, you must make sure to do it safely for the best trip for everyone!

If you are going on a long trip, it is a good idea to set up a veterinary appointment for a check-up, to make sure your hamster is all set to go. Wherever you put it, make sure there’s lots of ventilation. Don’t overpack the bedding, less is more. Don’t buy an entirely new cage or bedding, because the hamster likes to be used to familiar smells. Use very secure, escape-proof cages, and do not put it under any extreme temperatures. Try not to let strangers or unfamiliar people play with your hamster while you are traveling, as it is too stressful. Heat can be dangerous, so avoid putting your hamster around drafts or heaters, as well as direct sunlight. It is best to travel early or late in the day to avoid heat, if you travel in a hot area. If you are staying at hotel or campground, double check that pets are welcome. Do not let the cage move or bump around a lot. It is best to keep your hamster on a 12-hour lightness, 12-hour darkness schedule.

In terms of food, keep a good amount of food in an airtight container. Do not overfeed or use new food on the trip, as it should not experiment with different diets while it is not comfortable. Feed it treats as often as normal, but feed it greens less often. Your hamster can drink tap water, so long as it is okay for humans to drink.

While in transit, make sure to have the cage nice and secured. Make sure youhamster2 have food, bedding, fresh water and something for it to gnaw on. Also make sure that food and water do not spill everywhere. Don’t use water dishes, bottles are much more practical. Wheels and toys should be accessible and secured in the cage.

If you are traveling with your hamster on an airplane, keep your hamster around you while you are flying. Research the rules and regulations from your airline before you start your trip. If you must put your hamster in cargo, find out what it will be surrounded by, and put a label with your name and number on the hamster cage. Don’t feed your hamster treats that the staff gives you, try to feed it its own food.

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5 thoughts on “Traveling with Hamsters

  1. How do I get the hamster that i want here or do you not sell them

    I want the small black and white one \


  2. I have to have an A+ on my math report card thingy otherwise I cant have one…..THERE SO CUTE THOUGH!!

  3. I have the white and black one it`s called Pickle. I love her so much. sorry she`s not for sale.(Similar to the one in the picture)