Meals On Wheels Helps Pets

In Flagler County in Florida, the Meals on Wheels program recently received a grant to help keep seniors and their pets together. The funding provides food, supplies, and care for the clients who have pets. The $1,000 grant came from the “Meals on Wheels Love Pets” initiative and through a donation from Banfield Charitable Trust.

Along with providing meals, the service also provides non-medical in-home services like homemaking, personal care, and day care. There is also counseling and referral services for those who need additional assistance.

It’s wonderful news for all the seniors who own pets and should be a great help. To read more check out the article here.

Pet Events in October in the USA

Fall is here! October is full of pet-friendly events that will be fun, educational, and still taken advantage of the great cool weather. The days are getting shorter but it doesn’t mean the fun stops for you and your pets!

Check out some of the events listed below and if you’re not near these, check with your local humane society and newspaper for local pet events.

» With so many pet events across the country, this list can’t be quite comprehensive – at least not without your help. Is your pet event, or one in your area, missing from our list? Please help us update this list to keep it current by leaving the information in a comment below!

Pet Events in the USA – October 2016

Spooky Pooch

When: Oct 1, 2016 11am to 3pm
Where: Washing Park, Cole Ave and Washington Ave, Cincinnati, OH
Admission: Free
More information: 614 – 286 – 2802
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This is the 5th annual Spooky Pooch event and this year will be the best! There will be a grooming exhibition where professional groomers have the challenge of creating the most unique and fun hairstyles on dogs. Sign up to walk your dog in the costume parade, enter the contests, and check out the silent auction.

Yappy Hour

When: Oct 4, 2016 6pm to 8pm
Where: Rita’s On The River, 245 E. Commerce, San Antonio, TX
Admission: Free
More information: Rita’s
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Come on down to Rita’s On The River and listen to music, have some great food, and treat your dog to some yummy treats from the doggy menu. There will also be giveaways and specials on hand. Parking is free. Bring your dog and hang out for a few hours with other dog lovers along the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Paws in the Park

When: Oct 8, 2016 10am to 3pm
Where: 788 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ
Admission: Free
More information: Paws in the Park
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This is the first Paws in the Park at Goffle Brook Park. The event promises to be fun with face-painting for the kids, various contests, and demonstrations. Don’t miss the K-9 demo by the sheriff’s department! There will be music, food, and vendors selling the latest and greatest pet products. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Sheriff’s K-9 memorial wall where the names of fallen and retired K-9s are added.

Nashville Pet Expo

When: Oct 8, 2016 10am to 6pm
Where: Middle Tennessee Expo Center, 1660 Middle Tennessee Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN
Admission: Free
More information: Pet Expo
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Check this event out! There will be hundreds of vendors at the expo selling toys, beds, and lots of other pet products. Don’t miss the live demonstrations and training sessions. There will also be contests where you can show off your pet’s coolest halloween costume or unique pet trick. Plus, if you are thinking of adding to your fuzzy family, go check out the adoption corner. There will also be a low cost vaccine area if you need to get your pet updated or want to microchip him.

Dog Film Festival

When: Oct 15, 2106 11am to 10pm
Where: Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, NY, NY
Admission: $15.00
More information: Dog Film Festival
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The Dog Film Festival is returning to NYC during Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! The festival celebrates the bond between dogs and people. The films are all ages and are all dog related. The screenings include documentaries, animated, and live-action. Purchase your tickets directly from Symphony Space.

Monster Mash Pet Dash

When: Oct 29, 2016 9am to 1pm
Where: Upland Memorial Park, 1100 E. Foothill Rd, Upland, CA
Admission: $15
More information: 909 – 931 – 4330
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Portland Airport Now Has An Indoor Area For Pets

Portland International Airport has added a pet relief area to its airport. This means that passengers and their pets don’t have to leave the airport secured area anymore and then walk through security again before a flight.

The pet relief area is small, but has the essentials: a fire hydrant, some fake grass, and a garbage can and supplies to clean up after your dog. The airport already had an outdoor area but this makes it more convenient and easier for pets who are traveling.

Have you traveled through the Portland, Oregon International Airport with your pet lately and checked out the new indoor relief area? Let us know what you like about it.

To read the full story, check it out here.

Pokemon Go helps save a puppy

Ok, so Pokemon Go totally took over the world in July and we’ve all read crazy stories where players have come across some weird things. But, the game, which makes people walk all over the place, has helped a puppy.

Kaitlin Kouts and Tiffany Revay, playing the game in Texas, found a puppy who needed help. The 4-month-old puppy was lying by a tree. Kouts said the puppy looked like he was in pain.

In another lucky twist, they got a call from someone who could help. The man delivering a pizza they’d ordered was looking for them. When they explained what happened, he said he was an EMT. He treated the pup, calmed him down, and got him to a vet, where he’s waiting for surgery on two broken legs. Kouts and Revay named the puppy Pokey.

The gang started a GoFundMe page for the medical bills and the goal was reached within days. Pokey has been given a lot of TLC and surgery was done on the broken legs.

Image from 3milliondogs

The Sphynx Cat: Bald And Beautiful

In the mid 1960s a kitten was born that had no hair. This was a mutation that was totally unexpected and started the breed known as the Sphynx. Hairless cats had been born before and documented dating as far back as the 1800s but it wasn’t till the last 50 years that people strived to create and reproduce this rare cat.

Sphynx cats have hair but it’s thin, fine, and creates a suede feel. Their skin is visible and you can see the wrinkles and true body that a cat has by looking at a Sphynx. Some Sphynx cats have short, tightly packed fur around their muzzle, tail, and feet. Their skin has pigmentation that can vary from cat to cat and their fur may also reflect the pigmentation.

What kind of personality do Sphynx cats have?

Sphynx cats are social cats. They are curious, playful, and enjoy being the center of attention. They are very bonded to their human companions and will try to get your attention by either doing something silly, sticking their face in your face, or doing something clumsy. Those who love the breed believe the Sphynx may do some antics on purpose as a way to say, “look at me!”

These cats seem to get along well with other cats and dogs and may snuggle up to their fellow four-legged siblings or you. Be prepared to find the cat under the covers with you at night as they do get chilly and will want to be right next to you. They may even want their own pillow to try to nudge you off yours!

Health-wise these cats have not shown any dominating issue. They are hearty and have a good bone and muscle structure. They do require extra care and attention since they do not possess fur like many of their feline friends. There are some lines of the breed that may have heart problems, but a good breeder will have tested the adult cats and tell you. The Sphynx do not shed but they do get oily. These cats need baths or wipe downs on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming too dirty and greasy. No one wants a “cat print” left on their couch from where an oily Sphynx was sitting. Their ears also need to be cleaned frequently as well.

Because they have virtually no fur, these cats should be indoor only to protect them from the elements. They can also be prone to sunburn do to lack of fur that can deflect the rays. This doesn’t just apply to letting the cat outside but also if they dose in the sunshine coming in through the windows.

Myths about the Sphynx:

Many people believe that because this cat lacks fur that it is hypoallergenic. This is not true. It is not the fur that people have allergic reactions to but rather the dander and oils that a cat’s body exudes. If you are allergic to cats, you may find that this cat is easier to tolerate as long as you are vigilant about keeping the oils and dander to a minimum.

If you’ve thought about getting a rare breed like the Sphynx, there are several organizations that you can contact and learn more about their adoption process. Having one of these funky felines will amuse you and may inspire you to take up knitting and make sweaters and booties for your bald buddy!

Image from Sphynxilicous

Back To School Blues: Pets and Change

For some of us, school has started. The summer routine of day camps and small weekend getaways are over and your dog is again alone for 8 to 9 hours a day. With the hustle and bustle of getting kids ready for school your pup knows something is up and can sense the change of schedules.

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog is whining more, pacing, or staring at you with a slightly worried look.
This is normal. Just make sure your pup still has walks, play time, and plenty of pets.

Keep an eye on your pup for the following signs of loneliness and boredom:

Depression and anxiety – dogs experience these feelings and show signs of it by being listless, not eating as much, hiding, and not wanting to play. Some dogs show their anxiety in excessive barking, pawing at the doors, windows, and fences to get out, chewing on things they normally don’t touch, and being overly excited when you come home.

Relieve the chances of depression and anxiety

If this is your dog’s first time experiencing the kids going back to school, it will take some time for your dog to adjust. It is important to make sure your dog is given the time and attention needed to alleviate stress.

Morning – Exercise in the morning before everyone runs off to school and work can help your dog burn off some energy. After breakfast and a potty break, your dog may nap while everyone is gone. Meaning your house will be in one piece when you come home.

When it’s time to go – Try to not make a big deal of saying goodbye. A pat on the head and if you crate your dog, a simple, “see you later” will do. If your dog does have some anxiety, leaving a radio or tv on can help. Talk to your vet if your dog has extreme displays of anxiety and talk to a trainer or think about enrolling your pet in doggie daycare.

Home again – When you come home, walk in and put down your bags and take off your coat. Don’t make a big deal and baby talk your dog to death. You may even need to ignore your dog for a few minutes. Calmly greet your dog and take her/him out for a bathroom break and walk or romp in the yard.

After dinner – Once everyone has had their dinner, including your pup, it is time for another session of exercise. 20 minutes of playtime or a walk will help your dog burn off some energy and have time to bond with you.

Encourage the children to play everyday with the dog – between video games, homework, and friends, your kids need to be reminded that the dog also needs time with them. Try to get them to all play for a little bit when they come home with the dog. A game of fetch or tag with the family dog will make everyone happy.

It’s so easy to get caught up in things and our pets sometimes a little neglected. Of course we will never forget to feed them or clean up after them but we may forget to make the time needed to keep them happy as well as us. Having routines is important for us just like them.

Plus, the pet time when you aren’t dragged around between work, family, and other tasks can also be your “break.”

Good luck!

Be Safe: Water Safety Pet Tips

Before hitting the water with your pet, it’s important to plan ahead. Boating with your pet can be a wonderful and bonding experience.

Be sure to take these necessary precautions to ensure that your pet’s boating experience is fun and safe:

• Identification tag: Make sure your pet has a collar with an identification tag.

• Familiarization with the boat: It is best to gradually introduce your pet to your boat and the water. Let your pet explore the boat while it is docked before going out on the water. Turn on the engine and let them get used to its sound, smell, and feel while the boat is docked. Finally, take your pet out on small cruises and gradually build up to longer cruise.

• Safe and easy boat access: Provide a pet ramp for your pet to get on and off the boat. This not only includes from the dock to the boat but also from the water to the boat. Pets weigh more wet than dry and it can be very difficult to lift them back into your boat after a swim.

• Flotation device: A pet life jacket can also ensure safety while on the water. Even if your pet is a good swimmer, getting tossed overboard can put any animal into a panic. Having your pet equipped with a flotation device with a lifting handle makes retrieving your pet much easier and safer.

• Proper hydration and staying cool: Protect pets from heat by providing some shade on the boat, providing plenty of water and keeping the deck cool to protect paw pads. Bring along a pet travel bowl and fresh water. It is critical to hydrate pets before they get into the water. Otherwise, they will drink the sea water and may get sick.

• Going potty: A big challenge of boating with your pet is making provisions so that they can go to the bathroom. If your boat trip does not allow for regular land stops for your dog to do their business, then provisions must be made so that they can relieve themselves on the boat. A portable dog potty that simulates grass is an excellent solution.

• Health records: If your boating destination is a marina or place that you’re not familiar with, be sure to bring along a copy of vaccination and health records. Some places may require proof of immunization before letting pets explore on land.

• Call ahead: While most marinas and parks welcome pets, there are some that aren’t pet friendly. Be sure to call ahead before arriving on shore. Wishing you and your pet safe and happy travels on the water this season!

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Pets Events in September In The USA

September can be a busy month for families as children go back to school, teachers say goodbye to their summer vacations, and our pets adjust to the schedule changes that Fall brings about. It’s an important month to stay mindful about our pet’s well-being. They can experience “back to school blues” and may mope more.

How can you help keep your pet’s spirits up? Find a pet friendly event in your area to bring her/him to and spend some quality time having fun together!

>>Is your pet event, or one in your area, missing from our list? Please help us update this list to keep it current by leaving the information in a comment below!

Pet Events in the USA – September 2016

Bow Wow Bark in the Park

When: Sept 3, 2016 9am to 6pm
Where: Rockwell Park, Bristol Ct
Admission: Free
More Information: 860-940-9260
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Bow Wow Bark in the Park is an event where your pup will have the time of his life. It’s all an day event so get plenty of the sleep the night before. There will be costume contests, a talent show, an animal adoption area if you’re thinking of expanding your furry family, a photo booth, and good food, games for kids, and more. If you bring your dog, s/he must be on a leash, must be up to date with vaccines, and ok with large crowds and other dogs. The admission is free but please consider bringing a can or small bag of food which will be given to a shelter.

Strut Your Mutt

When: Sept 10, 2016 8am to 12pm
Where: Sellwood Riverfront Park, Portland Or
Admission: Free to watch, varies for registration
More Information: 602-617-2314
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It’s the annual Strut Your Mutt in Portland. Bring your dog and enjoy the walk, play a game of musical doggie chairs, enter the raffles, and check out the vendors who will be there. There will also be contests, a little dog race, and an ask a vet booth. The money raised will benefit 6 of the local dog and cat shelters in the Portland metro area.

25th Annual Dog Olympics

When: Sept 10, 2016 10am to 2pm
Where: North Carolina State University, 1060 William Moore Drive, Raleigh, NC
Admission: Varies, check website
More Information: CVM Olympics
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Come out and participate in the games. Dogs of all size are encouraged to take part in the events. There will competitions like small dog limbo, the longest tail competition, high jump, and frisbee toss. At the games 13 rescue groups and shelters are going to be there as well as over 20 vendors. This is a great way to have some fun, help out your local shelters, and play some games with your dog.

Doggiest Walk N Roll

When: Sept 17, 2016 9am to 1pm
Where: 1101 S. Joyce St, Arlington, VA
Admission: Free
More Information: 571-216-4863
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Participate in raising money for more assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Create a team with friends or coworkers, get sponsored, and walk. After the walk, there will be food, vendors, and festivities.

Strut Your Mutt

When: Sept 18, 2016 12pm to 4pm
Where: 3950 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA
Admission: Free
More Information: Strut Your Mutt SF
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Not your everyday walk. Strut Your Mutt helps raise money for local shelters. The SF Strut Your Mutt will have a bean bag toss, simon says, and hula hoop games. There will also be kids area to make crafts. Check out the fly ball demo and little dog race while you’re there. Bring your dog! Bring your family! Get ready for fun.

Face Foundation 4th Annual Doggie Dash

When: Sept 25, 2016 9am to 12pm
Where: 5553 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA
Admission: $30 registration
More Information: Road Runner Sports
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FACE helps families with pets who are in need of veterinary assistance. This year, FACE will hosting the Doggie Dash. The proceeds will go towards continuing the mission of helping pets. Join the fun and walk the 5k with your best furry friend. After the walk, stick around and join in the games, browse the vendors, and enter the costume contests and other competitions. It will be a great day for a great cause.

Fall Travel With Pets

Fall is easily the most packed holiday season in the United States – the weather is reliably cooler and the kids are back in school, Labor day, Halloween, Columbus day, Veterans day, Thanksgiving, and sometimes even Hanukkah, all start in Fall. Meaning there is a lot of planning of family trips, get togethers, and shopping.

Fall is also an excellent time to take a weekend getaway that includes the family pet, since cooler weather means you and your four-legged friends get to spend time outdoors and not feel overheated.

No matter what your day to day tasks are, there’s no reason to not plan ahead for next fall’s travels. And that’s where we come in. Here are some pet travel tips for the fall, plus links to articles we’ve written about pet-related events in the US during the autumn months.

Fall Pet Travel Tips

Fall is a busy season anyway, so when you plan to travel with a pet you need to make doubly sure you’ve done your homework – arriving in a town where there’s no vacancy at the pet-friendly hotel and all the other rooms are booked for the night is no way to have a relaxing vacation. Here are some tips to help make your fall travels fun and memorable for you and your pet.


Make sure the tags on your pet’s collar are up to date and fastened securely to the collar.

Research and Obey Local Laws

Be aware of local leash laws when you travel – you can’t assume every town loves your dog as much as you do. Find out where the pet friendly places are in the towns you’re visiting so you know where you can go without leaving your furry friends behind.

Keep your pet warm

If your pet has short hair, time to pull out the doggie sweaters. If your pet has had a summer cut, let it grow in a bit. Make sure there are no drafts where the pet bed is and dry your dog and cat well after they have had a romp in the rain or after a bath to prevent chills.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

No matter how cool it is outside, it’s never safe to leave your pet in the car. On sunny days, the car can heat up quickly and on colder days, the car can become an ice box.

Watch for snakes!

Snakes are starting to look for places to hibernate for winter and they can become pretty hostile if disturbed. If you go on a hike with your furry buddy, be careful about letting him/her dig around and run through bushes. Keep your pets away from areas where you know snakes like to hang out.

Watch out for mushrooms

While many types of mushrooms are not harmful to pets, the ones that are can be highly toxic. Don’t let your pet wander away too far where s/he may find some and eat them. Keep them away from areas where mushrooms are growing.


Make sure you have enough of it for the duration of your time away from home. Pick up refills for your pet before you head out.

Kennels and Carriers

Some places require that your pet be in a carrier or crate when left alone. A kennel is also a safe way to travel for your pet. Airlines have size restrictions for kennels that can travel in cabin. Check about restrictions and pet air travel policies of the airline before booking.

Car coolants

Fall is the time when many of us start winterizing our cars. Clean up spills immediately to prevent your pet from accidentally ingesting coolants.

Keep Bugs Away

Fleas, ticks, and even heartworm can be of an issue for your pets in the summer. In the fall, these parasites may be looking for a warm, dry place to stay during the winter months so take precautions against them before you leave home.

Find the Local Emergency Vet

Know before you go where the emergency vet is in the area you are staying in case your pet becomes injured. It saves a lot of stress and time in the event that your pet needs immediate medical attention.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation and Activities

Before you leave home, you can find out about a variety of pet-friendly events going on in and around the places you’ll be visiting on your trip, and you can also make sure you’re booking stays at hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals that allow pets – all right here on!

Fall Pet Events in the USA

Please note that these lists aren’t comprehensive – yet! – so if you know of an event for dogs, cats, horses, parrots, guinea pigs or anything else that you think should be added to our lists, please let us know!

photo by CountryMax

Is rosemary good for your pet?

Recently, we’ve seen many pet foods and pet products that include the herb, rosemary in their pet food formulations and skin care remedies. Not only does it smell great, but it’s been used throughout history for everything from general healing to improving memory.

Rosemary (and also Sage) has a high concentration of carnosicacid. It’s believed that carnosicacid has a many benefits, like protecting the brain from oxidative free radical damage. It may also be helpful in breaking down fats in the body, which can aid in weight loss for pets and people.

So, how can rosemary benefit our pets?

Rosemary acts as a natural pest repellent and can help fight off fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
Camphor is found in rosemary
Camphor is often used to reduce itching and relieve pain. It’s been thought that camphor can even treat fungal infections. Since it occurs naturally in rosemary, it’s added benefits are obvious.

Caffeic acid helps boost energy

Caffeic Acid is found in many plants, including rosemary. Caffeic Acid helps boost athletic performance and reduce fatigue, so it can very beneficial to all who take it – particularly athletic dogs.

Ursolic acid helps build muscles

Ursolic acid can help improve and support muscle growth, particularly skeletal muscle. Interestingly enough, this acid also helps resist obesity and can reduce fatty liver disease as well as glucose intolerance.

Betulinic Acid acts as anti-inflammatory

This is a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid, a fancy way of saying it has a unique chemical makeup. It’s been proven to be a natural antimalarial and it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Recently, it’s been considered as a possible way to prevent against cancer.

Rosamanol are antioxidants

Rosamanol, which is the most polar phytochemical compound in rosemary, are antioxidants that can assist your pet in fighting off cancer. It can also aid in helping your pet make a faster recovery when they have been ill.

Rosemary as a natural pest control

Not only does rosemary offer many healing qualities, it also acts as a repellent. Like all essential oils and natural products, you must be careful in giving it to your pets. Some animals have no tolerance for it, others do incredibly well with it. You should always discuss the best options for your pets with a veterinarian.

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