Tips for Summer Getaways With Your Dog

Taking your dog for a hike? Going camping this summer? Great idea! But first, be sure you and your dog are prepared for the upcoming trek. Here are a few tips for taking your dog on a camping trip or summer hike.

6 Tips For Summer Getaways

  1. Expect the Unexpected – Although you can probably expect temperate weather, summer trips can mean unpredictable highs and lows. Be prepared and pack knowingly. Tarps for keeping dry and extra towels are a good idea for any trip; if unexpected rain arrives, you won’t be caught stuck in the rain. The same goes for unexpectedly warm weather as well. And in this case, being stuck on a hike or camping trip with an overheated pet can be far worse than having a soggy doggy.
  2. Overheated Dogs – Each year, pet owners are caught in the terrible position of dealing with an overheated pet. Hot temperatures and not enough water can be a deadly combination. Even if your pet is drinking water it still can result in your dog being overly warm. Be sure to pack plenty of water. In addition to this, keep an eye out for strange behavior coming from your dog. If you’re hot, your dog probably is too. Also, have a place for your dog to rest in the shade and do what you can to help keep your canine cool – he’ll thank you for it later!
  3. Toys, Toys, Toys – Although sand dunes and forest fields provide endless amount of distractions for your dog, bring something for them to play with anyway. As you may know, dogs can get both easily distracted and easily bored with a task. Having a bone on hand for the down time will keep your dogs attention where it should be and not on everything else.
  4. Bring the Leash – Sure, you’re dog is excellent at the dog park or in your back yard off leash but being in a new environment can be distracting. When you travel, be sure to bring your dog’s leash. It will come in handy when your dog decides it wants nothing more than to entertain the family eating dinner nearby, or when they decide to go on a squirrel-chasing escapade.
  5. Don’t Forget the basics – Don’t forget the essentials like dog food, water, and poop bags. Additionally, try to provide some bedding for your pet that he will be comfortable sleeping on. Many traveling dog owners bring a crate to contain all the dog energy when it becomes overbearing at night time, or just a little too much overall.
  6. Identification and Emergency Care – Check those dog tags, updated the microchip information, and carry the # of your vet with you as well as looking up the emergency hospitals that are nearby where you are staying. If your dog gets injured on a hike, becomes ill, or gets lost, it’s best to be ready to tackle them with a prepared and calm attitude. It’s scary enough to have a sick or lost pet, planning can help ease fears a little.

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Six Essential Pet Travel Accessories

So you’re taking Fido on a vacation. What’s next? Check out our favorite pet travel accessories so you can rest easy knowing your pet is comfortable, safe, fashionable, and probably a little spoiled.

Pet Travel Bowls
Your dog or cat is going to have to eat and drink at some point, but those big plastic bowls can really take up a lot of packing space. Behold: the amazing foldable, nylon, pet travel bowl! These bowls are not only durable and easy to clean, but they also fold up neatly. This is a must have pet travel accessory, even for t a trip to the dog park!

Pet Carrier
You’ve probably seen an enormous variety of pet carriers ranging from the high-end designer carrying bags to sensible crates for airline and car travel. You can spend as little or as much as you like (the possibilities are endless!) but we highly recommend purchasing one for any pet. Carriers help keep pets safe during travel and are required for flights. Which reminds us…

Dog Seat Belt
This one might seem a little silly, but you might have a dog that hates being crated. Having your pet in the car is an inevitable scenario for most pet owners and slamming on the breaks, bumps in the road, and high speeds are dangerous for our furry friends. Pet seat belts help keep dogs where they belong: buckled in tightly!

Seat Covers
Back in the car again. You simply can’t put your dog in the car without getting a seat cover. Minimize damage done to your car, and clean up by placing a seat cover where your dog will be traveling. It will maximize the life of your car and make your life a whole lot easier.

Ramps and Stairs

If you have an elderly dog or cat (or perhaps just a teeny tiny one) you may be utilizing ramps and stairs in and around your home. Don’t forget that while traveling those same issues apply! Bringing steps or ramps to help your dog or cat get where they need to be can be very helpful. Ramps can be great for getting in and out of tall cars too. It’s good to know that the latest ramps and stairs also fold up quite nicely to maximize space!

Something Familiar
Travel can be stressful for some pets, so do your part in making it an enjoyable experience. Bringing a bed, toy, or something familiar from home can make all the difference. This one’s easy–just throw it in the back seat!

Five Races To Run With Your Dog

It’s been heard around the dog park that people with pets live happier and healthier lives. From all the laughs and adventures dogs bring us, we’re certainly in agreement! A lot of pet owners enjoy sharing their healthy lifestyle with their pets as well, by bringing their dogs along on hikes and early morning jogs. It is a great way to keep your pet (and yourself!) healthy. A lot of joggers however, run into the all too familiar, No Pets Allowed rule when it comes to signing up for an official 5k or 10k race. How can you leave your favorite running buddy behind? Well, we did a little leg-work ourselves and tracked down some great races for joggers that allow pets to tag along as well.

Take a look at these five great races, where dogs are welcome!

If you’re looking for a great fall race, then sign up for this Sep 19th one-miler that is great for dog and owner jogging teams. Sign up fees are only $22 with dogs and there is a 5K option for those runners who want to really break a sweat.


You may have missed out this year, but the doggie dash is a Northwest favorite! The 1.5 mile course won’t wear you out and you can rest easy knowing the proceeds go to a great local cause.

1,500 dogs turned out for this years 5K in Seattle. Joggers, walkers, and dogs hit the pavement for a good cause. Find out about Seattle’s exciting run for the dogs!

Race proceeds go to a great cause and dogs are allowed to show their support too, by running or walking with owners. This Los Angeles area race supports finding homes for shelter dogs in need. Register now for the October 4 race!


One of the nation’s most pet-friendly cities is hosting a race this fall, ending in San Francisco’s famous Crissy Park. Register now for this 5K/10K run and walk. And bring your dog!

For some great resources regarding running with your pet, check out DogRunDog!

Three Amazing Pet Friendly Hotels

Taking your pet on a vacation is all fine and good, but where to stay? If you don’t have accommodating friends or in laws to bother, what’s a pet owner to do? We’ve done our part to help out by highlighting some of the nation’s best pet hotels. If you’ve hit the road anywhere in the country, you can rely on these locations to accommodate not only you, but also your furry friend. As you’ll see, some of them have gone over the top, in accommodating our favorite travel companions.

Hotel Monaco
Denver, CO

Hotel Monaco is all about pets. This fun-loving hotel is not only located in one of the best outdoor and pet-friendly cities in the country but it also pulls out all the stops for your dog or cat. Your pet will be greeted with a pet basket, equipped with treats, toys and trimmings for their stay. Your pet will also be listed on the hotels’ Pet Guest Board for all to see. Who wouldn’t want others swooning over their dog’s picture?

This pet hotel also offers pet sitting services and donates a portion of their proceeds to animal shelters. I know, right? Too good!

The James Hotel
Chicago, IL

We’re in the love with The James Hotel and we’re sure your pet will be too. This pet-loving hotel stops at nothing to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. With a pet spa, sitting services, menu, and walking service – you pet will never want to leave. Plus, The James Hotel is a boutique hotel, which makes our Windy City hearts smile.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the award-winning animal behavior specialist on staff or the in-room training sessions you can hire out.

Bowen’s By The Bay’s
Hampton Bays, NY

You’ll love the fact that you’re enjoying summer in the Hamptons and your pets will love this resort’s acres and acres of play space. Although there are no walking or pet services, you’ll likely want to take your pet along with you while you’re on vacation in this beautiful setting. Beaches and fields are in no shortage here! Consider staying at some of the property cottages, which will likely feel more like a house to your dog or cat than a hotel room.

Keep in mind that each of the hotels listed accept pets of all kinds. While dogs are perhaps the most common of the four-legged friends you’re likely to encounter, you will see cats as well. Call ahead and reserve a room now!

Dog Breed Traits

Breed traits are a sneaky thing. They can unknowingly sneak up on dog owners after their new and cute little puppy has turned into a chewing monster. They haunt owners whose dogs can’t stand but to chase everything in sight and those other owners who can’t deal with disabling separation anxiety.

Breed traits are simply something you can’t get away from. You’ll find it in your dog’s bark, in how social they are, how accepting they are to people, in their personalities and in their athleticism. Breed traits are a huge factor behind your dog’s behavior and the most experienced dog owners know, that you can’t escape them.

Greyhounds will chase, Bloodhounds will howl.

Or most will.

While there are some exceptions to the rule, when purchasing a dog it is important to consider breed traits. This simple factor is something that millions of new pet owners overlook when purchasing new puppies. After all, how can you say no to the cute puppy dog eyes of a Bulldog or the fluffy adorableness of a Chow-Chow? Few can. However, by researching your dog purchase beforehand you can prevent some of the problems dog owners run into once that cute little puppy turns into a grown up, dog maniac.

Each dog has certain personality, health and physical aspects that are common to the breed. By researching these elements you will find yourself a happier dog owner with a happier dog. Although it seems obvious that a German Shorthair Pointer wouldn’t do so well in an apartment or that a Lab makes a great family pet, some newer dog owners overlook common breed characteristics and find themselves with dogs that are unruly or in difficult to handle.

When purchasing a new dog or considering a new breed for your family, do your research. Find out which dog will fit your family’s personality. You and your future pet will be the better because of it.