How To Help Your Dog Adjust To A Divorce

Sometimes relationships don’t work out and it is best for everyone to split. Just as you, your ex, and (if you have some) the children are affected by the energy and emotional vibes, your pet is affected. She’s used to everyone and may still be extremely bonded to both adults.

Moving to a new place, leaving part of the “pack” behind, and having new routines can be very confusing to your dog. If you are adjusting to a new chapter of life with your pup and need some help, try these tips.

4 Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust To A Divorce

  1. When it’s time to leave the house, don’t make a big deal about it. Hopefully, you’ve never made a big deal about it because dogs can get very worked up. Simply saying, “bye, buddy” and closing the door is enough. This will help your dog remember and know that separation is not something to be anxious about.
  2. Keep your dog on a schedule that is fairly consistent. Routines ease anxiety in pets and also helps your manage time better. Take your dog to the dog park like you always did. Ask your dog to sit and stay like you always have.
  3. If you share custody of the dog, keep a schedule that works for both of you, and try to stick with it as best as possible. When meeting and departing, keep it calm to not have your dog anxious over one of you going the other way. This can be tough to do on a regular basis and can bring up a lot of tension between you and your ex but take deep breaths. It’s only a few minutes of interaction and your dog is grateful.
  4. If your pet seems bored or needs more exercise and play than you’re able to do, consider enrolling her in doggie daycare. It will change the routine if she’s never done it before, but it may change it for the better. Your dog can spend the day playing, socializing, and be in good spirits.

Divorce is a tough transition. Hopefully you and your furry buddy remember to keep having fun no matter what.

Image from David Feldman

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