Time for a Road Trip? Don’t Forget These Tips

Summer is here and that means the weekends are packed with things to do. From outdoor festivals and bbqs to day trips to the beach and amusement park. If you’re planning on taking vacation time and traveling with your favorite pup don’t forget the following tips.

  • No Heads Out the Window!
    Although many pets find that sticking their head out the window is the best part of the road trip, it’s not safe. Your pet can easily be injured by flying debris or get an ear infection from the wind. Never travel with a pet in the back of a pickup truck! Some states have laws restricting such transport and it is always dangerous.
  • Make time for breaks.
    Always plan for breaks so your dog can stretch her legs, have a potty break, and take walks. Car rides can be fun for them but she will need time to stretch and work off some excitement or nervous energy she may have while you’re on your way to your vacation spot.
  • Keep her hydrated.
    During the pit stops offer some fresh water to keep her hydrated. If you have a cooler, ice cubes might do the trick instead of a jug of water.

  • Food.
    Your dog will need some food and a meal if you’ll be traveling during the usual meal times. Feed her a minimum amount to avoid an upset stomach and take her for a walk around before hopping back into the car and continuing on your way. Avoid fast food scraps and junky treats as this could create a messy situation for you and her.
  • Never ever leave her alone in the car.
    On warm days a car can heat up in minutes and become an oven. On cold nights it can be like a freezer. It doesn’t matter if the windows are left open, your dog should not be left in the car at all.
  • Don’t forget to restrain your dog.
    In the car, a pup sitting next to you in the passenger seat can be cute but she’s safer in the back. Also, buy a car seat harness to make sure she’s safe during the trips. If you stop short or take a tight turn your dog can fall off the back seats. If you get into a car accident your dog can become a projectile. Play it safe.

Have a safe and awesome summer!

Image from Trainer Trish

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