10 Tips For Caring For Your Parakeet

Parakeets can make great pets. They don’t take up as much space as a cat or dog and often don’t require as much time or cost very much. They can live a long healthy life ranging from 10 to 14 years. If you have a parakeet or have been thinking of adopting one, here’s 10 tips to help you raise a happy, healthy bird.

1: Two are better than one – Parakeets like company and are social creatures. When you first adopt them, keep them in separate cages to help them bond with you and not with each other only. After a few weeks, they can share the same cage and will keep each other from getting lonely when you aren’t around to play with them.

2: Toys, toys, and more toys – They are playful creatures and like shiny toys, toys that make noise, objects that they can move around, and just out anything they can poke, move, or grab with their beaks and feet. Keep a variety of toys on their cage and rotate the toys from time to time to keep them feeling “new” and also to not over clutter the cage.

3: They love Karaoke – Parakeets like to chirp, but really like to sing. Turn on your itunes and see what songs or genre of music really gets them singing. If you’re away at work, consider leaving a radio on at a moderate volume for them. Your parakeet could be the next American Idol!

4: Keep a variety of food and treats available – parakeets, like many pets, like to have a variety of treats to nibble on. Many pet stores have different types of biscuits, clip on sticks, and bird seeds. Consider keeping a few types on hand and even using one type of treat as a “reward” when training your parakeet and earning its trust.

5: Handle your parakeet gently – they are shy and having a hand reach out to them can be scary. When you and your parakeet are getting to know each other, be careful to never grab them. Try buying a cage where the top lifts open and reaching down to try and get your buddy to perch on your finger. Go slow, be patient, and eventually your bird will be psyched to jump on your finger.

6: Build and maintain trust – it can take months to build but once it does, your parakeet will perch on your finger. You can coax by gently nudging your finger against its lower chest. As time goes on, your parakeet will be happy to see you since you’re the one feeding him, playing with him, rotating toys, and giving him all these great things to do.

7: Keep the cage clean – scrub the perches, clean the bottom, and when needed, wash the whole cage. It’s amazing how much mess one little bird can make in a day. Clean the cage every day, maybe even twice a day if you have two and wipe down the surfaces at least once a week to keep the perches free from old droppings. This will help keep your bird healthy.

8: Exercise your bird – Let your parakeet fly around the room when you’re cleaning the cage. Remember to keep windows and doors closed and if possible, a room with tiled or linoleum flooring is best as it is the easiest to clean if your bird makes a small mess.

9: Replace perches – perches can wear out and some are just boring. Try to find the perches that have varying widths, lengths, and textures. It will give your bird a workout and keep their feet in shape.

10: Keep your parakeet warm – they don’t like temperatures below 70 degrees. Keep them in a room where there aren’t any drafts, no cooking fumes, and away from anything that could vibrate their cage. Your parakeet may like to see the sun, look out a window, but their cage shouldn’t be right against it because it can be really chilly at night for them.

All in all, parakeets can make great pets and be great friends. If you’re looking for a first time pet for your kids, or a small pet that doesn’t need to be walked and won’t claw your furniture, a parakeet may be right for you!

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  1. Thanks for the tips– they’re really great! I’m thinking of getting a parakeet, and these tips were really helpful!