Southwest Airlines Introduces New “Pet Friendly” Policy

Usually we don’t recommend flying with pets. Sometimes though, we know it can’t be avoided.

We pet lovers have happily noticed over this last decade that many business establishments have become pet-friendly. Restaurants permit dogs to sit with their owners on the porch. Many clothing stores are now allowing pets, and in fact hand out dog treats and leave water dishes at their doors. Well, now the aviation industry has decided to follow suit!

Southwest Airlines just today announced their new pet-friendly policy, PAWS (Pets are Welcome on Southwest). After hearing complaints from customers and employees alike, Southwest Airlines will now allow a limited number of small cats and dogs onboard the aircraft with their owners. There is a fee of $75 each way, and customers can begin purchasing their pet tickets on June 1, 2009, with travel beginning June 17. Southwest Airlines insists that the implementation of this new policy will not effect to the efficiency of the airline.

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6 thoughts on “Southwest Airlines Introduces New “Pet Friendly” Policy

  1. Help, I need to get one dog from Ft. Lauderdale to Portland, Oregon. She would be traveling by herself as cargo. How can I do that? She is a 45 pound Bull- dog. Need to get her here ASAP. Thanks, please respond. Henri…

  2. Thank-you so much I have 2 small cats they are sisters and never been apart.
    My husband and I bought a condo in Naples Florida so I know we will be doing a lot of flying with you.

    Thanks again for being pet friendly

  3. I winter in Az and summer in WA state. I have 3 duchshounds.
    1) one is a mini weighing approx 9 #
    2) one is a tweenie weighing appox 16 #
    3) the above are parents of a puppy we intend to keep. Currently is is 6″ long and weighs 6.2 oz . . . we don’t know if he will turn out to be a mini or a tweenie . . . either way he should be small.
    Dogs 1 & 2 have carriers and can fit underneath the seat in front of my husband and I. As we are only 2 flyers with 3 dogs we woild need a friendly dog loving person to use under-seat space in front of them. We fly betwen YVR and PHX Dept Wa in Oct Dept Az in April. Feedbaxk would be appreciated

  4. I need to move a maximum 5# puppy from BNA to RDU with me in the passenger compartment, under the seat in front of me, in a soft side pet carrier. This is a certified Hypoallergenic dog, so no problem exposing other passangers. Is this allowable and is there a charge?

  5. Hi! We need help our 3 dogs are big like REALLY BIG and need to get em’ out of FL. This is the only way we can…

  6. I am traveling from Oregon to New Mexico. I will be the only human passenger with my cats. First, do you travel from Oregon to New Mexico? Also, might somebody else be available to put my second cat under their seat? Please answer asap as I have to leave in a week and am going nuts about my cats! Thanks