10 Reasons to Use Petswelcome.com

There are ton of resources for you when you need to find a hotel, flight, or car to rent. There are also many sites that post pet friendly events, hotels and motels that love pets, and many of the same things we post here. So, why, oh why, should you use Petwelcome.com?


Our site is fun, friendly, and set up so you “don’t have to think” to find what you’re looking for. Want to rent a lodge or home for a vacation instead of a hotel? Yeah, we have that. Planning a road trip but not sure what places along the way will allow your pup to snooze there? Start here.

Still not convinced?

10 Things That Will Happen If You Don’t

  1. We’ll return to our jobs of selling fruit at intersections and parking cars at wrestling.
  2. We’ll automatically download an undeletable Justin Beiber screensaver to your computer.
  3. We’ll revive the patent on the lawn game of Jarts.
  4. All our pets will wonder why we crying
  5. You won’t be able to tell the hotel clerk that you found them using “pets welcome” and maybe receive a small discount or other caveat
  6. Kathy’s cats will disconnect her internet service
  7. The dogs in the office will adjust your universal remote control so that it automatically loses itself, your car keys, your cellphone and an undesignated family member with the simple push of button (the dogs are way too smart)
  8. We will have to have a garage sale of all the toys that the dogs have chewed up and we’re pretty sure no one will buy them
  9. We’re pretty sure there aren’t many jobs that allow us to leave mid-day, go to the dog park, and then continue working later at night or on the weekends. Our pups will be mad and sad
  10. We move back in with our parents. OY!

Image from Photo of dogs

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