How To Stop Your Dog From Chasing Joggers

Many dogs don’t seem to bother running after joggers but there are a few that will dart out of their yard, bark, or lunge while on a walk towards a jogger. It can be scary if you’re the jogger. There are some reasons why a dog may do chase the jogger. Why Dogs Want To […]

Don’t Blame the Breed

A new study from the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences confirmed what many of us know: Dog breed is not a reliable predictor of aggression. In a survey conducted among dog owners, it was found aggression can be categorized into three realms, family members, strangers, and in or out of the house. The […]

Understanding Dog Body Language and Barks

Dogs communicate with us and express their hesitations, agitation, and happiness with their body language and barks. Have you ever seen your dog lay his ears back when meeting a stranger? Or does she grunt or mutters when you’re eating dinner or when she has a ball and comes over to you? Do you know […]

5 Tips to Stop Jumping Dogs

Dogs jump up on people for various reasons. Usually it’s for attention and a way to show their enthusiasm for seeing you come home from work. They’re excited and the energy produced from it comes out as jumping. If you’re lucky your dog may not be the jumping type and instead zoom around the room […]

Anxious Dog? Try The Thundershirt

Does your dog start to become anxious when he sees you getting ready to leave the house? Does he shake, pant, and try to hide when there’s a thunderstorm? Maybe he barks, howls, and paces when he’s left alone in the house or destroys something due to his anxiety. Some dogs respond well to increased […]

Dogs Sniffing Groins = Awkward

Dogs have sensitive noses. Some dogs are used to sniff out other animals, some help law enforcement, some find bedbugs, and some can even detect sicknesses in people! Physically, a dog’s nose is extremely sensitive due to the quantity of receptors that they have. Dogs have 220 million receptors whereas we have only 5 million. […]

Bark! Bark! Nuisance Barking

Barking is natural. It’s one of the ways dog communicate. Different barks can mean different things. Dogs bark to alert us to a strange noise, bark in celebration when someone comes home from work, or bark when playing and chasing a toy or another dog to express happiness. But sometimes problems can develop where your […]

Submissive Urination: How to Curb It

When a dog submissively urinates, it is because their instinct is telling them someone or something that is superior to them is intimidating them. It’s an unconscious response that they cannot control. Try to not mistake as a housebreaking issue, it isn’t. It’s a reaction to something as simple as someone standing over the dog, […]