American German Shepherd Clubs

German Shepherds, also known as “Alsatians,” are a breed of dog originally designed for herding sheep. Today, these dogs are used for many different purposes, and there are many clubs around the United States devoted to them.

German Shepherd Dog Club of America

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America has been dedicated to this breed since 1913, and argue that German Shepherds are the “most versatile breed in the world of purebred dogs.”

They have valuable information regarding these dogs, including picking a puppy and facts about the breed standard. They are also involved in specialty shows around the country.

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German Shepherd Dog Club of Wisconsin

This Midwest club is very active, and holds many events like meetings, parades, agility trials, specialty shows and Oktoberfest. They also hold obedience classes for German Shepherds. Some of their members are breeders located throughout Wisconsin.

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German Shepherd Dog Club of San Diego County

This Southern California club is active in sponsoring and participating in obedience, agility, conformation, rally and herding of German Shepherds. In addition to their events, they also hold member meetings usually on the 4th of each month. Those interested in joining should take a look at their membership site.

German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern Arizona

This German Shepherd club was founded in 1957. They hold club meetings and specialty shows like obedience, rally and conformation.

Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club

This club dates back to its foundation in 1954, and has members in New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut and Westchester county.

They hold beginner and advanced obedience training, along with classes for show handling. They are also active in German Shepherd educational programs, including demonstrations, exhibitions, lectures and films. Their members also sponsor specialty shows, obedience trials and fun matches. Members can enjoy fun social events like holiday parties, summer parties and others. They also can do puppy referral, and are open to new members.

German Shepherd Dog Club of Rochester, New York

This upstate New York club was first established in 1956, and they put on dog shows and matches, and also sponsor an annual dinner program that brings educational resources for dog owners. Their members are also involved with events like parades and fun matches.

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German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington State

This Northwestern club was established in 1928, and is committed to the study, ownership, exhibition, training and breeding of German Shepherds. Their current members consist of judges, breeders, handlers, students and hobbyists of these dogs; there are also some trainers.

Those interested in adopting a German Shepherd should check out their breeder’s list or rescue resources.

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Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds in America: Good Dogs For Travel?


1. Labrador Retriever

These are one of the most common dogs in America, every year. They are big, fun, friendly and good with children. They are one of the best family dogs.  They are great travel dogs because they love exercise and can adapt to different environments. They are fun to take to the beach, or hike in the mountains, or even just stroll around a city.

2. Golden Retriever

These are the token American family dogs. They are fun, friendly and love to play. They are also great for travel, but you should take caution in keeping their coats clean. They usually love swimming and playing fetch.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

These are the most common little dogs in America; they are often called “Yorkies” for short. They are the smallest breed of terrier. They have a lot of energy, are territorial and protective to their families. Some of them are good with strangers. They’re not always the best with kids though. They’re easy to travel with because they are small and fit into spaces.


4. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most loyal and intelligent dogs in the world. They are also the token police dog. If you decide to own one, you should probably have either a lot of space in your home, a backyard or access to a lot of space. They aren’t the best city dogs, since they are bred to herd sheep in open spaces. They are good for travel if you go on nature trips.


5. Beagle

These medium sized dogs were originally bred for hunting. However, they are also very sweet family dogs. They are very territorial and often bark at people who pass by their terrain. Their medium size makes them pretty good for travel, as they can adapt to either urban, suburban or nature settings.

6. Dachshund

These dogs are very small, yet have a ton of attitude. They were originally bred in Germany as hunter dogs, so that they could dig into rabbit holes. Some people keep dachshunds as polished toy dogs, but others have more rugged pets that go hiking with them. They are not great with kids, as they can nip. Since they are small, they are easy to travel with. They are good city dogs, but some of them can rough it in the mountains.


7. Boxer

While Boxers aren’t the smartest of dogs, they are loyal and fun. They are a commitment, because you have to get them trained for obedience, so they don’t become violent. If they are trained right, they can be great family dogs. They are good for nature traveling.


8. Poodle

Poodles come in standard and miniature sizes. They are sometimes seen as rich and snooty, but in reality all types of people own poodles.  Some of them are good for travel, depending on how they are raised.


9. Shih Tzu

This is a tiny, cuddly dog, that is good for cities. They are very nice and can be good family dogs. This breed is becoming popular in Hollywood, so why not take it on a fancy vacation to LA!


10. Miniature Schnauzer

These dogs are gaining in popularity in America. They are smart and obedient, and love to play. They were bred to be farm dogs, but they can make great family dogs. They are good for certain types of travel, depending on how you train them.