Dog-Friendly Vacationing in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana, is the capital and largest city in the state. It is a major center for the Midwest section of the US, and has a developed tourist industry. This city has a good amount of culture and events, as well as historic sites and monuments. There are also some lovely places to be outdoors when it is nice outside. Many of these parks and historical sites have areas that leashed dogs can accompany their owners during their visit.


Crown Hill Cemetary

The Crown Hill Cemetery is located on beautiful grounds that contain lots of different trees, plants and little animals running and flying around. It contains the graves of President Benjamin Harrison, poet James Whitcomp and even bankrobber John Dillinger. There is also a lovely urban view from the graveyard. Dogs are allowed to explore this area with you, so long as they are leashed.

Indiana War Memorial

While dogs are not allowed in the buildings of the Indiana War Memorial, they are allowed on leash within its three parks and 24 acres of monuments, statues and sculptures that surround this area. It is located in downtown Indianapolis.

State Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

The Soldier’s and Sailors’ Monument is located in Monument Circle of Indiana, and was designed by Bruno Schmitz and constructed from 1888-1901. Dogs cannot go into the museum, but are allowed outside the building so long as they are leashed.

President Benjamin Harrison’s Home

The former residence of 23rd president, Benjamin Harrison, has a nice house and landscaped grounds. Leashed dogs can be outside, but not in the building.


White River State Park

White River State Park is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, and has lots of different attractions and entertainment throughout its premises. There are lots of different sections of the park to walk around or just lounge on the grass. Dogs are allowed in this park on leash, and there are some clean-up stations in some parts.

Outdoor Restaurants

Plump’s Last Shot

Plump’s Last Shot is a bar that has some food, along with a dog-friendly patio.

Henry’s on East

Henry’s on East is a coffee bistro that offers assorted drinks, breakfast, lunch, dessert and weekend brunches. Leashed dogs can sit at the outdoor tables.

Front Page Tavern

Front Page Tavern is a sports bar and grill that offers different types of drinks and a few things to eat. Leashed dogs can sit at the outdoor tables.

Upcoming Midwest Reptile Shows

The Midwest has a few organizations that have been holding reptile shows a few times a year, for continuous periods of time. Because of such a strong history, there’s no doubt these will be quality. You can go to one if you are in the area, or make a fun trip out of it this autumn!

Kalamazoo Reptile Show

Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds

Kalamazoo, Michigan

October 17; November 21

This is Michigan’s biggest reptile show, which occurs 12 times throughout the year! You will be able to buy a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians and other exotic animals. Every animal sold at the show is eligible for a free vet exam at Milwood Animal Clinic. There will be many vendors with services like sugar glider education and rescue, and captive bred boas, small mammals, and colorful bearded dragon morphs. Admission is $4 for anyone over 10, $2 for children under 10, $3 for Michigan students from the state universities, and free for children under 6.

All Animal Expo

Dupage County Fairgrounds

Wheaton, Illinois

October 18; November 7; November 15

This show has over 100 tables, and occurs about 20 times throughout the year. It is open to the public 10:00 AM-3:00 PM. It costs $5 for anyone over 10. It is mostly reptile based, but there are vendors also with birds, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and more, so it’s the place to go if you love all sorts of pets. There will also be goods like dry beds, cages, air purifiers and quality food.


Saint Louis Reptile Show

Viking Inn and Conference Center

St Louis, Missouri

October 25

This event is held several times a year, and has been going on for over ten years in the St Louis area. It will occur from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, but you should get there before 3:00. It costs $6 for children 12 and up, $3 for kids 5-11, and free for children 4 and under. There will be breeders and dealers, mainly related to reptiles, but also some amphibians, small animals and other exotic pets, on over 50 tables.

Midwest Reptile Shows

Indiana State Fairgrounds

November 8

Indianapolis, Indiana

This event is held 6 times a year, this being the final event of 2009. There will be many vendors selling supplies like cages, customs wearables for reptile lovers, breeding tubs, insects, worms and frozen rodents. They will also hold live animals like poison dart frogs, boas, pythons, geckos and more! It is $5 for adults and children over 9. It will take place from 10:00AM-4:00PM.