Pet Events in November in the USA

When the leaves have turned color and we’ve pulled out the winter blankets, our days are shorter and our pets are cuddling closer, Fall is here. This doesn’t mean that there are less things to do. November is full of educational, exciting, and silly pet events. Looking for something to do on the weekends when […]

Fall Travel With Pets

Fall is easily the most packed holiday season in the United States – the weather is reliably cooler and the kids are back in school, Labor day, Halloween, Columbus day, Veterans day, Thanksgiving, and sometimes even Hanukkah, all start in Fall. Meaning there is a lot of planning of family trips, get togethers, and shopping. […]

Thanksgiving Weekend Events

A nice four day weekend is coming up for many of us, and even though Thursday might be busy and Friday is probably a clean-up day, the question is, what will your dog dog this weekend? Aside from sniffing every inch of the kitchen looking for any piece of turkey, stuffing, or bread that may […]

Pet Events in November

The weather is getting chillier for many of us but there’s still plenty of great pet events happening around the country for us to go to and meet other people who are just as crazy about their pets. November is packed with some great events to bring your dog and the whole family to, here’s […]