NYS Bans Tattoos on Pets

Now that tattoos are more mainstream, it seems to be that some poeple are trying to get their pets tattooed. Recently, a tattoo artist in NY state tattooed his dog and in 2011 there were reports of someone selling “gothic kittens” that were pierced. In many states, anti-cruelty laws make it a crime to intentionally […]

NY State Law Increases The Fines For Stealing A Pet

A new law now increases the maximum fine for stealing, harming, or transporting someone’s pet without their consent from $200 to $1,000 in New York State. According to Lohud this is the first time in 44 years that fine has been raised. With the rising number of pet thefts being reported and the recognition that […]

New Jersey: Time To Buckle Up Your Pets

Recently, Assemblywoman Grace Spencer proposed a new law that would require residents of New Jersey to keep dogs restrained while riding in cars either using a car seat, harness, or carrier. This is cut down on the chance of an accident due to being distracted by your pet. While some dogs ride in cars quietly […]

Driving With Your Pup: Keep Her Restrained

Not all driving distractions are due to smart phones, changing the station on the radio, or eating while driving. Some are due to a tail in your face, a sudden bark that makes you jump, or a thud that makes you turn around quickly. More and more states are realizing that our pets can get […]