Tips for Traveling with Your Potbelly Pig

If you plan to travel with your potbelly pig, you should take a few precautions before you embark on your journey.


The first thing you should do is crate train or kennel train your pig. You should get your pig used to its crate, because you don’t want it to get scared when you are traveling. You should have it practice time being in its crate, perhaps for a little bit every day, before your trip. The crate should be big enough for your pig to stand up in it and move around.

You should also get your pig used to the car, so it doesn’t freak out about that either. You should take it on small trips before a long trip, perhaps going to the store or the post office, and then on some extended drives. For safety, you should always place your pig in the back in its kennel or crate, not in the front seat. Though cute, this can be very dangerous.


If you travel outside of your state, you should check with the USDA regulations for each state. Every single state has different regulations for traveling in and out with swine. Potbelly pigs, though pets, are classified as swine. The reason they are considered the same as other pigs is that they get the same diseases and can transmit them in the same way. Some states might require a recent Health Certificate, while others require blood testing.

If you plan to travel on a hot day, be sure that your pig will get plenty of cool air. Test out to make sure the air conditioning reaches the back seat yourself before you stick your pig back there. If you are feeling hot, then your pet will feel hot.


Be sure your pig is properly hydrated, especially during the summer. One way to cool it down is to place a wet towel on its belly. You can also cover the windows that have strong sunlight coming in so it doesn’t get overheated.

You should stop at rest hours every few hours. Four hours could suffice for most pigs, but of course this is just a general estimate. You should give it a snack, like some vegetables, some water, a bathroom break and a walk.

Keep in mind that potbelly pigs can potentially get carsick. A good remedy for pig nausea is either some ginger root or some peppermint. You can hand back your pig a bit of these spices to chew on if it starts feeling sick.

When you unload your pig, you can use a small aluminum ladder to slide it out in its crate. You can even build a small ramp if you’re feeling really motivated.

Have fun!

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