Traveling with your Iguana: Different Ways to Contain It


Moving or transporting your iguana can cause it stress. You can avoid stressful situations if you take some precautions and prepare your actions. Preparing for the proper box or carrying case is one of the key components in preparing to embark on your journey with your iguana. Whichever method you use, you should constantly check up on your iguana to make sure it has not broken free!

There are a few different ways of transporting iguanas in different carriers. The pet carriers that are designed for the purpose of transporting cats or dogs work just fine with iguanas. They are usually durable and ventilated properly. Just make sure that the air holes are not big enough for the iguana to escape. If the air holes are big, you can block them off with using duct tape to stick dark cloth over these openings. It is best to do this from inside, because an iguana can easily push through if it is taped from the outside. Soft cloth like old bath towels or rags ripped off from old clothes work fine. Some airlines allow iguanas to be transported in such carriers. If it’s a hard carrier, you should also use cloth to line the bottom for comfort. If you fly with your iguana, make sure to secure the front door so that it can’t suddenly burst open.

If you do not feel like spending money on a cat or dog carrier, there are other options to transport your iguana. If you want to use a cardboard box, just make sure it is not flimsy. You should punch a bunch of small holes on the top and upper sides of the box for air circulation. You should put cloth on the bottom of the cardboard box, and tape the top of the box so your iguana will not escape. Another option is using a cooler, like a large plastic Coleman item, or just a temporary Styrofoam one. You should also poke air holes and line the bottom with cloth.

If you are just transporting your iguana a short distance, pillow cases often work just fine. You can use an old one or buy a cheap one from a thrift store, and then secure it with a a rubber band. If you want to design a pillow case for a more permanent transportion device, you should buy some cord from a fabric or craft store (AC Moore or Micheal’s, for instance), sew it to the side of the bag and use this cord to tie the bag closed. If you’re going a short distance, you can place your iguana in its pillow case on your lap. If you’re going a long distance, it’s a good idea to place the animal in a bag into a sturdy box.

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