Pet Stores Around Danbury, Connecticut

If you’re headed to Danbury, Connecticut, there are many great pet services and stores in the area. There are several places to buy dogs, cats, birds and fish. The types of stores range from practical to frivolous. There is even a mobile grooming service!

Puppy Love

Interested in buying a dog in Connecticut?

This is a privately owned store that sells puppies, and claims to be puppy experts. They have an educated staff that can give you advice as to what type of puppy suits your lifestyle and family. They also have large open crates in a large room, so puppies are easy to see, as well as puppy playrooms. If you are just headed there because you want to see cute puppies while you’re away from your dog at home, you can also shop around for treats, toys, teething bones, beds, training supplies and grooming supplies.

Bird Haven

This Danbury store is specialized in everything bird. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and they sell a selection of birds, cages, food, toys and more. They an also assist you in any questions you may have about owning a bird.

Pawsitively Pretty Pets

This is a mobile grooming service by an experienced groomer who has gone mobile since 2002. This groomer can offer service to cats and dogs around the greater Danbury area with high quality shampoos and conditioners. She also offers a variety of retail items like food, treats, toys and stylish accessories.


Located in Brookfield, Connecticut, this chain store has a branch that contains most of what you’d need. Vaccinated, well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to join you at Petco. They also offer supplies for cats, fish, reptiles, amphibians, small animals and birds.


Statewide Pets

Located in Orange, Connecticut, this store has been open since 1972. They sell many breeds of puppies, some kittens, fish and aquariums. They offer professional dog and cat grooming, along with a full line of dog, cat, bird and reptile supplies.

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Shaggy Little Pooch

This is a cute pet boutique located in Bethel, Connecticut. They specialize in many designer cat and dog beds and other furniture. They offer things like orthopedic dog beds, if you deem that necessary for your dog. They also offer an interesting selection of cat scratching items in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also offer dog clothes, accessories, bowls, feeders, toys, leashes, collars, treats and foods; for cats, they also offer toys, food, bowls and placemats. They have a selection of eco-friendly products if you and your pet are going green!

Agway of Bethel

This chain store offers many different wellness products, pet products, foods and supplies. They also offer extensive hardware and gardening equipment.

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13 thoughts on “Pet Stores Around Danbury, Connecticut

  1. I am a manager at Choice Pet Supply, located at 67 Newtown Rd in Danbury, Ct. We do NOT sell cats or dogs, and frown on any pet stores who do, as the only cats or dogs you will find in a pet store come from “Puppy Mills”. I thought you might like to know that “Puppy Love”, whom you recommend, has been closed down 4 times in the last 3 yrs by health authorities due to poor animal care, and knowingly selling animals who were sick. I have had many customers who have shared this information with me, and thought you might like to know just who you are sending your readers to.
    Might I suggest that you direct your readers to the local shelters, to adopt? Or to research a good private breeder? Our store hosts adoptions by North Shore Animal League, based in Long Island, several times a month, and you can find our latest schedule on our website.
    We also host “Meet-and-Greets” with rescued and adopted greyhounds through Grey Hound Rescue, and both the dogs and their new families are happy to share their knowledge with anyone interested in adopting one of these sweet and affectionate hounds.
    Best wishes to you and yours in the New Year.

  2. Puppy Love (Danbury) and Statewide Pets (Orange) are just TWO of many pet stores in Connecticut that sell puppies from puppy mills.
    What is a puppy mill? Why should you boycott pet stores that sell puppy mill dogs?
    Visit to learn more.

  3. Puppy Love does not sell puppies from puppy mills. I know many others that do but they don’t! Puppy Love’s puppies all come from very experienced breeders, who put the puppies first. They are all very well-cared for, and if you ever had questions about where the puppy came from, who bred it, who it’s parents are; all of that information is provided in the puppies folder! These puppies are all well-tempered, don’t believe this “Against Puppy Mills” person; I am definitely against puppy mills as well, but Puppy Love does not use puppy mills, they are like no other puppy store.

  4. Puppy Love also has not been closed down in the last three years, it is American Breeders that doesn’t follow health standards and state laws regarding the selling of animals. They are the problem. Puppy Love is voted A++ from the Better Business Bureau because they do follow all laws and take good care of the puppies they have. They didn’t close down, they just moved to a bigger location. Stop the lies, Puppy Love is one of the best stores that you can go to.

  5. Hello! My husband and I are the owners of PUPPY LOVE in Danbury and I can tell you first hand, as the owners of PUPPY LOVE since 1996 when we opened that we have NEVER ONCE been closed down!! we are contacting Chioice Pets to make siure this so called “manager” is fired from her job for spewing completely fictional information about our store.

    Not only have we not ever been closed down, but we are proud to tell you that we are the HIGHEST rated pet shop in the tri-state area by the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! We are awarded their highest rating which is A+!
    The internet is a wonderful thing but what is very scary is that anybody can type anything they want to into a computer no matter how ridiculous, or innacurate.

    Check BBB yourself and come visit 7 days a week in Danbury! We’re the puppy experts in Danbury since 1996! Home of your new best friend!! Right now we have some gorgeous golden retrievers from our champion breeder! They have champion pedigrees and OFA certified pedigrees – come these them!!

  6. First I must apologize for the typos in my previous email. False information gets us very upset when it is focused on PUPPY LOVE. I am now reponding to the comment from the suspiciously ANONYMOUS person from against puppy mills. These people have not returned our phone calls and refuse to take false information that they cannot prove off their website. Not very reputable. And when someone posts something without giving their name and contact information its very suspicious. It really makes a statement that they don’t want to be found and cannot back up what they say.

  7. Regarding my earlier post
    ” Heidi says:
    December 29, 2009 at 12:14 am”

    I would like to make a full and formal retraction regarding my post about Puppy Love. My information was second hand and inaccurate. I have been to the store, and can say that the care and facilities are very well maintained.
    I offer my deepest apologies to the owners and employees of Puppy Love. I am attempting to find a way to have my older comments permanantly removed.

  8. Heidi thank you so much for the second post. You can understand that as owners of a business we are proud of, that the posting of innacurate and negative information is upsetting. We are proud of the many satifisfied customers who have sent freinds, co-workers, family members and now, after so many years even their grown children to purchase puppies from us! That is due hopefully, to the qulaity of our puppies, our customer service and our outstanding employees who keep the store beautiful and clean.
    We appreciate the latest post and hope that you are successful in eliminating the original post whenever possible. Thank you again.

  9. The owners and staff of Puppy Love love their puppies! They contribute great customer service, so that you as the customer can know that all of your questions will be answered fully. They have a lot of experience when it comes to knowing puppies! Their puppies come from very reputible breeders, whom they have been using for many years! Their puppies are very well tempered, always have toys to play with, always have a soft cushion to sleep on, and are exercised regularly. Any puppy that comes into the store, stays there until it finds a new home–so while it is there, it becomes one of the owners children. These high quality puppies are in the best of care while at Puppy Love. They are all updated on shots, and see the Vet regularly. The owners are honest people who care more about the puppy’s welfare than making a sale. When a customer is interested in one of the puppies they should know that each puppy comes with extensive health warranties, and no puppy is sold if it is sick. Puppy Love is absolutely like no other pet store, they have an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, and since they only sell puppies, they have a lot of knowledge on specific breeds and every puppy in store. The store is very clean and all the puppies are happy. I have been to Puppy Love on multiple occassions and would recommend it to anyone interested in a quality puppy from people that are very trustworthy. They will tell you exactly where a puppy came from and the breeder’s information. The puppies are housed in open cages, they also play outside and are socialized. They care deeply about the health and welfare of their puppies. They will help you select the perfect dog for you! No one should accept vague negative comments about Puppy Love until going there and seeing for yourself how they really are, I guarentee that they are not like the negative comments have made them out to be. I will most definitely be getting my next dog from them!

  10. Puppy Love is A GREAT STORE! My friend has gotten a dog there before and he is and was perfectly healthy and cared for when then got him! If I’m ever deciding to get a dog, I am DEFINITELY going to Puppy Love! I trust the owners, and they obviously have nothing to hide, because they tell you everything about where the dog came from, and its and its health!

  11. May 21, 2012: This is all so confusing! I love animals and I often ‘pup sit’ for my sister’s two Maltese and it’s great fun. I wanted to get a Maltese but they’re too expensive. Buying from a shelter is also very expensive, even if the dogs are of mixed breed and in poor condition…any suggestions? Is ‘Puppy Love’ in Danbury, Ct. still open? I live in Waterbury, Ct. so it’s not far at all. Thanks, florian